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Live Trading Example 30 - Forex Alligator Indicator Trading System

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https://www.forexboat.com/ Get Your Free Membership Now! In this live Forex trading example I show you how to trade successfully with the Alligator Indicator trading system. You will see the way you can interpret Forex Alligator signals with the help of the Volume Indicator and price action.
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perry jerry (7 months ago)
Your screen is terribly dark, I hardly see the lines, one of the failure video, just look at  the number of viewers will tell.
William Dunlop (1 year ago)
Do you trade when the green line crosses the red & blue or just the red
Forex Boat (1 year ago)
William Dunlop thank you for your message. The idea is to short the market when the three lines are lined up showing strong bearish activity: from bottom to top - green, red, blue. The same is in force for bullish trends. If the trend is bullish the lines will be lined up the opposite way: from bottom to top - blue, red, green. A good way to trade with the alligator is to wait for a strong trend confirming signal (like the proper line order), and to exit the trade on a lighter signal (like the green line crossing the other two lines). If you wait for a strong alligator signal to close the trade it is very likely that you lose a big part of the already gained profit.

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