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The "PR"-Entry for the Agimat - an alternative entry method for better Win-Loss-Ratios

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Today I show you my "PR"-Entry for the Agimat - an alternative entry method for better Win-Loss-Ratios. I go through all 28 pairs with this method and at the end, we count how many pips we made in 48 hours. The method is easy to learn. After some practice, you will spot this entries easy.
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Mike Downs (1 month ago)
I've been testing this out for the last week, and it's unbelievable! Thank you Roland, you're a genius!!
SpideySteve (1 month ago)
On the CADJPY losing trade at approx 29 minutes in the video - 3 candles later you had a perfect entry and it would have been a winner, cancelling out the loser
Dwayne Robinson (2 months ago)
can this been done on the 5mins chart?
ETrader4L1fe (5 months ago)
Sounds a good method. Very Good use of the 3 Level ZZ Semafor Tro Modified Version indicator. I do have question about the Maxwell indicator. Since I know it is simply moving averages, why is it shifted forward as much as 14 bars? You can see the lines extend well past the last candle on your chart. Of course new traders wouldnt understand what they are seeing by the comments below but just curious as to why it shifted so far forward.
The Forex Pipmanager (5 months ago)
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akk Khan (6 months ago)
Bro. What auto trader you are talking about?? Like an EA? Can u email me & tell me more? I am in the same agimat group. My email [email protected] thanks
The Forex Pipmanager (6 months ago)
Join our free scanner chat room for more information https://t.me/forexscanner
Tim Bally (6 months ago)
white arrow disappears and repaints ? but good method Roland
ERNESTA BURKE (6 months ago)
Hi Roland...JW and I are friends and studying...keep these vids coming...good stuff.
Bill Torrence (6 months ago)
Thank you for this!!
Kelvin Cheng (6 months ago)
This is amazing! this method has opened my eyes to a new way of trading on the Agimat. Roland, your a genius!
Rattle Hog (6 months ago)
Another example of brilliance from Roland.. this is really great work!

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