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How I flipped my account from $350 to $26,000 in forex trading

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My forex story on back in February 2017 trading USD/JPY and flipping my live account in Tradersway to $26,000 account and then having to lost it all the next day. Tradersway offers 1:1000 leverage payment method I use now is Upaycard is legit with them https://www.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 https://po.tradersway.com/?ib=1198366 Website: kouleefx.com Telegram me @kouleefx
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TheUtubious (1 day ago)
You definitely had a rough start. Fact is, experience comes from making and learning from mistakes. Starting with two weeks of winnings is like a damn curse. Your expectations get screwed up and you lose touch of reality. And then you blow up... DAMN! :-) On the other hand, you cannot learn from a demo account, you need to trade with real money, If you are doing insane leverages, it is good to start over with a $50 account once in a while to practice on how far you can push it but also to satisfy your aggressions. If you are a beginner, don't open an account over $50 until you have learned how to stay alive and also stash and withdraw your profits. Thanks for sharing.
Arne Spl. (5 days ago)
Thank you...
man of Christ (6 days ago)
There are other ways to deposit and withdraw money.
Silva Ray (6 days ago)
hey. what about the profit withdrawal .. ? are you able to withdraw that kind of money into your bank account ?
dudun gunawan (7 days ago)
bad ai
EntertainTz Tv (7 days ago)
Dude I have used your strategy according to your screenshot and for the first time I have made $200 + as I'm typing this. Thanks for sharing this. (I learn by seeing). I wish I can post a screenshot.
CashCowBets (8 days ago)
Sorry to hear that I see my members bust out often. What doesn;t kill you makes you stronger. Trust me it's a learner curve :)
Jinx (9 days ago)
Everyone see "Closed Trade P/L NEGATIVE 17,845.01?
Abigail Wilson. (7 days ago)
Binary options lifted me up to a place where i can afford anything in life. all appreciation goes to this sensational broker Mr Salman for rescuing me out of this realm, Have made so much money from his strategy, would i say his the best? Absolutely is superb. You can always locate him on this email address: [email protected] com
RougeSurvival (10 days ago)
i don think he actually realised the lot amounts he was placing LMAO. so lucky
Patricia Jones (7 days ago)
$5300 was my first withdrawal after trading with Mr Salman Hassan, I didn’t believe I could make this much from trading in just 3 weeks of trade, I read about him on a Blog and emailed him. he has changed my life, follow him up on email: [email protected] com
Aiden Finch (10 days ago)
Your trading confidence might have dropped if you have been trading all wrong or without a proper trading strategy , thankfully trading Fx has been good for me since I started using the *Lukka Binomial Strategy* which was created by *Lukka Semenov* you can search for it on Google a lot of traders are doing really well with it.
The Drive Inside (12 days ago)
I thought 50:1 was the highest leverage level🤔
Melika Benjamin (7 days ago)
Have you heard of Mr Salman?? I trade with his strategy. He is surely the best when it comes to trading binary option, I made $10,000 under two weeks i let him manage my account. he is really a life Saver. contact him today at [email protected] com he will Teach you how to trade with the best signal, profitable and reliable trading platform.
Kou Success Lee FX (11 days ago)
go offshore brokers
BluePanther3000 (14 days ago)
You sold for 6 Lots not 6 "bucks". Omg... still a novice.
roland doroja (14 days ago)
I start in $20 dollars in 5 days I able to turn it to $600 and then after that I trade without STOP LOSS I lose all of it in just 1 day :(.
Melika Benjamin (7 days ago)
Have you heard of Mr Salman?? I trade with his strategy. He is surely the best when it comes to trading binary option, I made $10,000 under two weeks i let him manage my account. he is really a life Saver. contact him today at [email protected] com he will Teach you how to trade with the best signal, profitable and reliable trading platform.
Mrs Bre (15 days ago)
who is the best * Tradersway or or another site ?
Camila García (7 days ago)
I bet you am a living testimony, until I met Mr Salman Hassan the best binary and forex expert when my hope was lost in binary....he changed my financial life its so amazing I could not keep it to myself i just have to let the world know about him. you can reach him at [email protected] com
JmansFragments (16 days ago)
303menace (16 days ago)
I did one of the forax training demos and in one night I made 56000. I'm two weeks in and I'm at 2.6 million so I decided today to invest in the real forax and well.... wish me luck people 🙏
Thomas Kohler (1 day ago)
You know trading has become something that I and my wife share, we trade together and make a lot of money together using a strategy called *The Lukka Binomial Strategy* you can check the internet for more information about it. We make thousands of dollars weekly using this amazing strategy.
Muddy Tv (7 days ago)
check out south african traders they are the best and are very reliable
CaliforniaCeres (9 days ago)
303menace so whats the results for now?
Filipe Pereira (18 days ago)
Hey dude, would you BE able to setup your mt4 to provide signal? Just go setting on mt4 and login mql5. I will copy your trades and play u monthly rent
Kou Success Lee FX (14 days ago)
working on something like that right now
kodakpic07 (18 days ago)
Your video is motivational.
Big Ben (19 days ago)
@13:21 wait what?! so you start with 350$ build your way up to $25k and you’re only allowed to get back the $350?? So all that profit is given to the broker?! Basically a scam
Sara Edris (7 days ago)
The problem with traders today is they think they're too smart they know what they are doing, reading a bunch of charts, watching videos, following news or a making a few profit doesn't make you a pro. Stop overestimating yourself and seek proper guidance, my account is up by $8560 since I started trading with Mr Salman Hassan. Seek his guidance don't be a dud and lose all your earnings before you realize you're in over your head. contact him on his Email Via: [email protected] com
Mrs Bre (15 days ago)
yes wtf is that *?
STEEZY YEEZY (18 days ago)
Big Ben you can still withdraw all your profits but in small amounts of $350 each, until you deposit a bigger amount.
redEYEfight (19 days ago)
So whats the ooint if you cant withdraw your profits from tradersway
Austins Garage (19 days ago)
I lost all hope for this video when he said he traded with IML
Merpati Kusuma (7 days ago)
This seems like a chance to share the opportunity i had at wealth. Trading with Mr Salman Hassan loss has never been an option; now i consider it failure. I make a minimum of around $5000. You my fellow traders can live the life too loss doesn't always have to be your lot. Reach him via email at [email protected] com
Austins Garage 💀💀💀💀
samuel cardwell (20 days ago)
learn money management skills
samuel cardwell (20 days ago)
thank god no dik pics lol
HASSAN AHMED (20 days ago)
Why dont you have risk management?
Elora Knipe (22 days ago)
Awe she's so cute!
Xavier Jax (23 days ago)
wow, risky as hell. those are some serious lots man
HighProfit TradingTM (23 days ago)
thanks man, truly awesome
MoviesEverywhere (24 days ago)
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daniel h brink (25 days ago)
suicidal risk.s
Life Travels (26 days ago)
I don’t get why tradersway didn’t let you withdraw your money :s
john samson (26 days ago)
which brokers can you recommend?
monday christian (19 days ago)
Add +44 7520 673098 on whatsapp for some profitable trading tips
john samson (26 days ago)
corey thomas (1 month ago)
hows your forex journey going now
Hassan Oyoni (1 month ago)
Is this real
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
i dont know
Carlos of the Rocks (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your story. 1 like for also putting your baby to sleep, 10/10 dad.
monday christian (19 days ago)
Message +44 7520 673098 if you are interested in getting a free trading signals
Elvis Presley (1 month ago)
Can you coach me admin please
Elvis Presley (1 month ago)
Please bro reply asap
S3lo_O my (1 month ago)
Name Programe Plz !!
Aashir Bhusal (1 month ago)
This is gambling not trading beaware u cannot profit like that nor u can lose 12k in one trade its pure gambling
Galaxzhy El (1 month ago)
I'm into IML but I still need some coaching so if you can help or help with some signals. Thanks
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
go to kouleefx.com
ken bradford (1 month ago)
Learn more about forex for free and also binary option with good skills signals and analysis contact [email protected] all for free.
miguel valentin (1 month ago)
One thing you should've done (which you already know of course since you mentioned it) is to withdraw some of your profits at some point and do it consistently (say pull off $1,000 after every $5,000 of profit). It's really easy (meaning "tempting") to keep on trading after profits thinking perhaps that way you can reach $1,000,000 or any other similar goal in no time. That's what I call the demon of GREED (ah the "g" word!) Then all of a sudden and when you least expect it, BAM...Armageddon sets in and you lose a huge portion of your equity if not all of it. Been there done that not once, not twice but over FIVE times in my trading career. Now I am a whole lot older (and wiser I hope!) and am back in the game but with this mindset. At the end of the day, say you lose all your equity after about $100,000 (highly unlikely if you are following a specific set of rules religiously as all good trader should but for the sake of my point here...). That would be something to spend countless sleepless nights if you had NEVER withdrawn any money from your account up to that point...Ouch!!! However, if you had followed a strict withdrawal discipline like the one I described in my example, you would have accumulated $20,000 up to that point and deposited it in your Swiss bank account ( or the Bahamas...😁) or what have you so your actual loss was that much less than it would've been otherwise. In fact you could've even taken say $5,000 of that and start all over again, only with a whole lot more than the first time (5,000 vs 350) and hopefully a whole lot wiser!!! That's where I'm heading now I hope, after almost 20 freaking years!!!! (hey I'm 52 years old...NOT DEAD!!!! 😉) So you see, it's almost never too late to learn (don't wait 'til you're 100 years old though unless you think you can take it with you and bribe St. Peter into Heaven!!!!😀😇)
Nozrul Miah (1 month ago)
Great story thanks 🙏🏽
Bonacci Invest (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂 Not best style
alex conquest (1 month ago)
What trading app is he using here
Shane Womeldorff (1 month ago)
Learned more from the comment section than most trading videos lol.
Daniel P (1 month ago)
By just reading the tittle of this video i can see you can't trade, who turns $359 into $26K (which i doubt anyway) and then looses it the next day?? You are either gambling or your an idiot.
Kou Success Lee FX (1 month ago)
so muhc love from this guy :)
John Doe (1 month ago)
Lol he trading stupid dangerous geeshe
Pipi Brasci (1 month ago)
Your story is very interesting. By the way why would they (brokers) not let you take your profits earned. Oh i see, cos they felt anyone coming into the market must lose as they are used to that scenario and leave with nothing. I wished you sued them. thats really very annoying. these brokers are cheats. for me the moment i say i want to withdraw my funds, suddenly i get wiped out in the next day trading. this has happened to me a few times. I cried losing over 2400usd wit an initial deposit of 1000usd. achieved 1300usd in two weeks. then the next week, boom! lost all including capital. Now i see a more worse scenario than mine. Wld love to learn from you.
Angel Sanchez (1 month ago)
You didn’t sell usdjpy for $6.00 you sold it for $60.00
柯于灿 (1 month ago)
The only thing I learnt from you is Focus on one currency! I believe it is true, but it is possible you loss all money when one day you make a mistake.
Adi tironci (1 month ago)
Liu,, somthings wrong with your account,, you are doing somthing wrong on your measurement on pips... Bro you have done somthing wrong,,,the amount on your profitable photos are not real you cant lose if you enter 20$ on 70 pips to lose 12.000$ in reality are 1.400$ you have done something wrong here.. anyway all the best to your family. (now i getit you were trading with 200 dollar a pip not 20$)
Nick Walker (1 month ago)
Use thinkorswim to trade. Backed by tdameritrade. Know your risk. I’ve been at it for 18 years...stay away from the bucket shop brokers....know yourself and your trading style..know when to trade small and large lots...you will do fine. Manage yourself..your risk...and don’t get addicted like I did when I started when I didn’t sleep for days....good luck.
oberlesp selgmoeller (1 month ago)
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Bill Williams (1 month ago)
Bank lifestyle (1 month ago)
Nice Kou. Watch how I turned $120 Into $700 In a week on my channel. https://youtu.be/5bMxjy2e1ac
kings2727 (1 month ago)
anybody have a guide to the scalping he was talking about in the beginning?
Ty Storm (1 month ago)
anybody have a guide to the scalping he was talking about in this video?
Carl Mcfarlane (1 month ago)
I was with you until you said IML, then I tuned out
Ime Rodriguez (1 month ago)
How can you be trading so aggressively looking at an m1 chart?? A steep drop is very common is expected on an M1 chart even if your scalping you look at the H1 and H4 charts first and then scalp on the m30 chart. Eventhough you were losing significant profit $17000.00 there is a technique to exit a trade, you wait for the pull back then exit.
Lion Carter (1 month ago)
this is no sense.. you used lots randomly.. it seems you haven't a trading plan. just lucky..
Renato Posavec (1 month ago)
You are talking about buying gdp for 20 $ , you are buying 20 Lots my friend and on Yellen s talk you lose 17 grand. Sorry but this BS trading. I asume you had no stoploss. Thanks for Your Vid. It showed me how not to do it. And the Broker? What a Crappy one. Goog Luck and all the best for the Future.
Samuel Logan (1 month ago)
appreciate you sharing!!
Princess (1 month ago)
You baby is adorable. Thanks for the video and for sharing your story.
Kikanu Paddy (1 month ago)
How do you withdraw the money?
600 Herb (1 month ago)
You did make it big withdraw regularly
600 Herb (1 month ago)
John wilson telegram or what’s app ?
John wilson (1 month ago)
Now i understand . his signals are free an very accurate.
600 Herb (1 month ago)
John wilson no I was telling him he should make withdrawals
John wilson (1 month ago)
Yes of course . you can make constant withdrawal through +447520673098 trading his signals daily.
Terance Austin (1 month ago)
Loved the Story
Ian Johnson (2 months ago)
Yu was going for a million
john winkelman (2 months ago)
Baby's... I'm gone.
shahab azmi (2 months ago)
Bro give me 500$ I'm interested trad try me
shahab azmi (2 months ago)
Galbert07 (2 months ago)
What platform do you use to trade? Not MT4, the main account attached to your MT4. Than you.
Lation Fly (2 months ago)
What do you used to trade now?
Vikas Meena (2 months ago)
Possible but that will called gamble bro not forex trading
Flip2 Futures (2 months ago)
Forget Forex. Futures trading is where it's at! We offer a FREE trading room. We make enough money trading why try to rape your consumer base?
Top MasterClass (2 months ago)
very good man!
Jack Steptoe (2 months ago)
What’s the app he’s using??
aries williams (2 months ago)
Dang over leveraged like crazy!
Aiman Arif (2 months ago)
can you teach me this style?
random games (2 months ago)
Please make another video setting up mt4 app app how to set up macd and others I know you have old videos explaining but is not working for me I set up just like you said in old videos but no luck for me please make another video I really would appreciate you doing that I feel like you are the only one that could help me get out of this frustration.
Lori Sanchez (2 months ago)
Hello my friend. If you don't win after using the strategy illustrated in this video(on real account),maybe you should try Mr Jerry. I have not made $1m as the videos often claim but I do not loose any more. Here, [email protected] com Thank me later
Mastr freakin Cylinder (2 months ago)
try buying 1/4 lb crack cocaine make big fuckin money
AfroChief Sambie (2 months ago)
Inspired, but which broker is trusted to be killed like that? I have a dangerous strategy too...
Jules Bar (2 months ago)
How long or how many months u made to $26,000?
Engineer Penn Woodrow (1 month ago)
Its just a short period with the right trader.
Jules Bar (2 months ago)
Why did u transfer from FxChoice to TradersWay? Me, from FxChoice to FxPro.
David Xu (2 months ago)
you are damn good luck!
David Xu (2 months ago)
at first
Matt Doeland (2 months ago)
5.00 ain't a $5 bet, it's a contract for 5 whole lots, that is 500,000 worth - leveraged to the sky!
Kurt Cooper (2 months ago)
Demo accounts r designed to create a market Slayer out of u so when it's real your ready to be millionaire. Then they release the mcCraken. And your toast!
Kurt Cooper (2 months ago)
Cute kids........great @ throwing darts? Make your next video of how u unexpectedly lost 99%>
Burrus Houston (2 months ago)
I totally understand this unique problem. Im working on a system that deals with this myself. Find me on facebook.
Crowley Owen (2 months ago)
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Oscar Alistair (2 months ago)
We need men like Alexander Reams in this world and the world would be a better place.
Lucas Aiden (2 months ago)
+Lucy Brown Thanks Lucy
Lucy Brown (2 months ago)
+Lucas Aiden all you need to is send him a mail through gmail this is his email [email protected],com
Frank Martinez (2 months ago)
Dude, this was an amazing video. Bravo
Bill Whalen (2 months ago)
Gotta focus more on that baby crying in the back ground and pause your recording, lol.
Ryan Le (2 months ago)
Such a bad day for u!
IMMOHD (2 months ago)
You put the baby to sleep??!!! You murderer!!! 😪😓😿
Don Wasabi (2 months ago)
someone help e get started!
Engineer Penn Woodrow (1 month ago)
It's easy bro.
Raj Dann (2 months ago)
dies he have a web site??
Chris Kissoon (2 months ago)
With all the spammy fucking comments on these trading videos you need to be careful of where you get your information from
Aku Abu (2 months ago)
nice. tank the market without fear. love it. i did that with a stop loss.
Raj Dann (2 months ago)
what broker do u now?
Raj Dann (2 months ago)
i iuse IQ option to practice but from what i read if i wanna do real trading and get profits they only payout every month and if u want ur money u have to put in a request...
Raj Dann (2 months ago)
how to setup and bank accout to get ur profits? do u use a trader and pay a commision?
Engineer Penn Woodrow (1 month ago)
Do you trade?

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