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Blender 2.8 Retopologize A Male Head Mesh Tutorial

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Blender 2.8 Retopologize A Male Head Mesh Tutorial This video is presented in a step by step way where Keyboard shortcuts are spoken while they are also displayed on the screen. Part 1 Setting up snapping and view port options Part 2 Covering the high poly sculpted mesh with the retopology mesh in Part 3 Using modifiers to help make the retopology mesh more close match the high poly sculpted mesh Part 4 UV Unwrapping Part 5 Baking a normal map in Cycles to help the low poly mesh match the detail of the high poly mesh. // Part 1 Blender 2.8 Tutorial Stylized Male Character In this tutorial you will learn how to make stylized human male body mesh in Blender 2.8 To obtain the free sculpted mesh to work along with this video visit the assets section of littleguycgi.com If you like the videos on this channel please consider supporting me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Alimayo Difficulty: Novice to intermediate.
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Eddie Montalvo (20 days ago)
Nice video. In the Blender build i am using the sculpt mesh remains see through even with xray set to 1 and retopo mesh selected. Not sure if there is another setting making my sculpt mesh slightly transparent. Xray disabled does prevent me from seeing through high poly mesh however parts of my retopo mesh above it are buried in mesh as seen in your example prior to enabling xray in your video.
Eddie Montalvo (18 days ago)
@Alimayo Arango hope so. If you find anything out about it I will keep an eye out for it on your channel. Thanks again for the response.
Alimayo Arango (18 days ago)
I have heard that the newest Blender builds has more options for showing options in a transparent way. I have not had the time to explore the new options yet. Hopefully these new options will make the situation better.
Eddie Montalvo (19 days ago)
Alimayo Arango appreciate the response. I am using 06/02/19 build. I noticed through out the video that the retopo mesh has its X-ray affect allowing you to see the mirrored side through visible side even with value set to 1. It does the job but not the same as 2.79 where you could use hidden wire and toggle view visible selected to see retopo mesh clearly without seeing through it.
Alimayo Arango (19 days ago)
Thanks for watching this video Eddie. Are you using the newest experimental build of Blender? Thanks again for watching this video.
Lucas Smith (1 month ago)
This method goes with every character,correcet?I'm asking because I'm trying to retopologize my mesh.My mesh happens to be a dragon that's a kaiju.The program keeps working aginst me as I can't get it to recreate your demonstration.
Lucas Smith (1 month ago)
@Alimayo Arango I can't get the verts to stick to the model.
Alimayo Arango (1 month ago)
Hi Lucas. Hi method this method should work with the majority of the characters that you make. It should also work with your dragon kaiju character. Do you need help in a particular area as you say that the program is fighting against you?
Paul Louise-Julie (2 months ago)
You’re what the people need. Thanks man
Alimayo Arango (2 months ago)
Thanks for the kind words Paul.
Meat Machine (2 months ago)
Oh my God...Thank you so much for this tutorial, it has helped me so much and your explanations are amazing
Alimayo Arango (2 months ago)
Your welcome. Thanks for watching this video and for the kind words.
RAVI NANDAL (3 months ago)
Sir I have a problem please tell me and .. I am creating bone and and after then click on pose mode bones are not rotating .I can't make animation
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Ravi what are you trying to rig a organic or inorganic object?
anthillmob100 (3 months ago)
hi Alimayo I subscribe to your videoes and love them..can you show me how to make an explosion
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Thanks for subscribing to the channel and for the encouraging words. Making explosions in Blender is actually very easy. Try watching this tutorial in the link below. I did not make it however I know of the teacher and he is very good. https://youtu.be/hdVKfDim7p0 If this tutorial is not to your liking contact me again and I will consider making and explosion tutorial in the future. Thank again.
Mario Croft (3 months ago)
i dont change to blender 2.8 because it still beta , i still waiting for the original because they could change everything .
Mario Croft (3 months ago)
@Alimayo Arango you're wellcome ! You are amazing
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Understood. Hopefully the official version of Blender 2.8 will be released soon. Thanks for taking a look at this video.
George R (3 months ago)
There are a few tools to auto-repotology. As well, as many plugins. Doing retopo manually these days is kinda dumb. And the time you invest in it is insane.
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
HI George. Thanks for watching this tutorial. As far as I know most of the tools that assist you in doing retopology cost money. As for full autorepotology I have not seen tool as of yet that is suitable for preparing sculpted meshes for animation. If you know of any tools that would do the retopology process tools that produce results that are suitable for animation I would be extremely thankful to know of a tool like that.
donovan b. (3 months ago)
i know ive said thank you many times.. but... wow! this is a very needed tutorial! considering how important this needed to know! anduploading tutorials like this is very good for me to learn... thank you!!
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching this video donovan. Thanks for your encouragement as well. Hoping to have the retopology part for the body up by the end of the week. Thanks again donovan.
NADAGALOU (3 months ago)
hello alimayo could you explain to me how to do this please : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMghl3anrSk and what is the best way to roll a rop around a cylinder ? thank you.
NADAGALOU (3 months ago)
Alimayo please help me ! how to make a chain of bones that reacts to the physic to gravity like a real chain ?
NADAGALOU (3 months ago)
i think this is rigid body physic because the tube hit the ground could you made a tutorial to do the same ? and "roll around cylinder" i mean a rope rolled on a winch.
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
HI NADAGALOU. It looks like this is a cylinder with soft or cloth body physics on it. What do yo mean when you say "roll a rop around a cylinder"? Thanks for watching the video.
Alaa Alnasry (3 months ago)
Awesome man ,amazing
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Thanks for your encouragement as well as watching the video.
staposh kumar (3 months ago)
suppar bos
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Thank you very much staposh.
NXZW (3 months ago)
This is such an awesome Blender tutorial I love it.😃👍
NXZW (3 months ago)
@Alimayo Arango You're very welcome. :)
Alimayo Arango (3 months ago)
Glad you like it NXZW. Thanks for the encouragement as well as watching this tutorial.

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