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A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy

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Learn Strategy Here: https://bit.ly/2MMsd9L You don't have to be glued to your screens all day to make a living from the Forex markets. If you find it hard to get the time to trade the markets due to other commitments, then this Forex Swing Trading Strategy is ideal for you. Once you've learned how to trade using this approach, it only takes 10 minutes a day finding the setups. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forexsignalscom/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forexsignalscom/
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ForexSignals TV (1 month ago)
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Julfikar Bhut (1 month ago)
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Paul Lesieur (1 month ago)
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Mohammad Irani (7 days ago)
You are so good at teaching,very easy to undrestant.Thankyou
Preferred Angel (12 days ago)
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Wills Steve (15 days ago)
Thanks Mr Benjamin woods for the pay out thanks for your help iny trade
Cedwick O'Brien (15 days ago)
He is a trusted man happy I came across him
Stephanie Lawrence (15 days ago)
Wow you trade with Mr woods too? his my trader?
RIYAS V (16 days ago)
Dear Sir, this video is really valuable for me, thanks a lot, hope more videos
Chris England (17 days ago)
It's clear that you're ex army. or perhaps an ex policeman. You don't so much 'talk' to your audience.. as you 'bark' your staccato statements at us !! Are you used to having your audience sit quietly while you talk down to them like this? I feel like I'm being briefed.. about your 'strict regulations', which "will be obeyed or else", lol. I've watched quite a few of your webinars, but I'm afraid this is my last one. It's your manner.. and it's very not pleasant, sorry, but just had to let you know. Try talking with a bit more friendliness and warmth !! It really sounds as though you are setting out battle plans to the lower ranks. You have that familiar, universal, 'forces chatter'. Good luck. .
Manfred Müller (23 days ago)
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Mohamed Awale (25 days ago)
Fantastic video, thanks mate.
yogesh patil (29 days ago)
great learning...thanks for sharing...god bless you...
Samuel Santiago (1 month ago)
Very good video, but so far so good, Mrs Kate Iwertz strategy is still top notch, it has worked for me so well for more than a month now.
Diego Alejandro (1 month ago)
It is just awesome. I haven't seen anything like it before.
Rowland McIntosh (1 month ago)
Trading with her strategy gives you that confidence you need in winning trades, knowing fully well how good it is.
Martina Desmond (1 month ago)
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casomo angle (1 month ago)
Okay thanks so much, i really appreciate. How much can I start investment with as a beginner?
Michelle Steeley (1 month ago)
Mr Jacob Lowery is the most reliable trader I can count on anytime. He is incredible.
Philip Ford (1 month ago)
Justin Lays contact him on whatsapp +1 (518) 310-7285
Michelle Steeley (1 month ago)
Justin Lays its above. I've dropped that before
Justin Lays (1 month ago)
Contact pls?
Rex Blvck (1 month ago)
He has done what no expert trader can do to help me. He asked for some details to set up my slot, then he said my slot was created. I sent him my capital for investment using BTC, he started trading for me then on the 6th day he sent me back the same amount I sent, with another specific amount and told me it was the outcome with prove of his trading activities and how the profit increased. When he did that I was really amazed.
mayita perez (1 month ago)
Forex swing trading strategies.Many thanks, I have been researching "why forex trading" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Manylan Ranackenzie Breakthrough - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got great success with it.
Amanda Baugher (1 month ago)
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kyle allen (1 month ago)
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Ronald Palumbo (1 month ago)
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Androse Sigma (1 month ago)
lone u Ex....op..
Andrew Jo21 (1 month ago)
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Aparajita Saha (1 month ago)
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Robert K. Ouimet (1 month ago)
May be it's a good one
Ryan P. Martinez (1 month ago)
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DANLADI GWAFAN (2 months ago)
I love your videos, keep it up... Been following you closely
Kathleen D. Vinson (2 months ago)
Is it MT$
Renelyn Dumapi (2 months ago)
Phil Collins you simply amazing, Love it
john m (15 days ago)
do not doubt his system for they will give you lots of doubts just believe in whatever he is doing for you......he surely brings back returns
rashak umar (15 days ago)
any advice for me, i just started trading with mr klipp logan
puteri aariz (15 days ago)
klipp logan has really been so helpful this few [email protected] here is his email....you could write him
Scott S (1 month ago)
You rock Phil
Allen mery (1 month ago)
at first when i started trading with logan i had issues with him always recommending good video for me to follow up.....i started having doubts of his capability in trading though i couldnt let him go because he really makes good profits for me in the market......then i confronted him about it......he said to me and i quote "“Your wild and broad experience is your best tutor” and this made sense to me and i have been so loyal to his judgement....and he still makes me huge profit, making himself worth it Kudos klipp!
anand panjwani (2 months ago)
Thanks for your great help. God Bless.
johnathan wetherill (2 months ago)
I never knew Phil Collins was a trader.
info channel (2 months ago)
What software is that, is it mt4
Dominga J. Anderson-Park (2 months ago)
Thanks for the recommendation with Ben Fredrick, I'm having successful trades with him.
johnathan wetherill (2 months ago)
Fabian Castillo (2 months ago)
It's everyday winning with Ben.
Hamsik A. Patel (2 months ago)
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Edwards Peterson (2 months ago)
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PffafNADEX Consults (2 months ago)
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Raja Ganguly (2 months ago)
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ahsanullah shanto (2 months ago)
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Katrice Rager (2 months ago)
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Rich Glitch (3 months ago)
I signed up and hasnot received vids links to email....
Katrice Rager (2 months ago)
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Stephanie Martha (3 months ago)
The video can't be loaded, pls help here..
Katrice Rager (2 months ago)
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Bahar Sangkur (3 months ago)
Hi from Bali
Katrice Rager (2 months ago)
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Cornelio Davide (2 months ago)
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Jody Hodges (3 months ago)
Great content
Giri D (3 months ago)
Hi sir.,what timing would you suggest for currency pair trading?like 1min, 5min, 15min, 1hr trading time?
WIN Multimedia Designs (3 months ago)
Can your video sequence show me how to start trading in forex without going through a network marketing company like imarketslive?
Katrice Rager (2 months ago)
telling the truth, EIT Method is good place to start making good money
JN (3 months ago)
What time frame do you think I should use for this strategy?
MARCO BAPTISTA (3 months ago)
Are you serious or another seller? because friends of mine have been asking about your services
Things of interest (3 months ago)
Where would you enter?
Jibon Ali (3 months ago)
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Ricky Thuo (3 months ago)
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Ita Paisley (3 months ago)
do you have an investment platform
ForexSignals TV (8 days ago)
Hello ita.. Contact via mail ([email protected])
Christian Schoen (3 months ago)
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only 999 (3 months ago)
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Kerry Bailey (4 months ago)
This is everything that's wrong with 99% of the training providers today. Telling people they can spend 10 mins a day and make money from the markets trading retail price action setups from support and resistance levels. And you call yourself a professional trader, you should be ashamed. Go back to school and learn about how the markets really work and stop selling people pipe dreams.
Dz Scalper (4 months ago)
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michael Anderson (4 months ago)
Good afternoon my name is Michael looking for someone that's doing step-by-step training 3/4 x I'm looking to become a small day trader or create some sort of passive income please help or do you have any idea from the beginning or as a beginner
Christian Schoen (3 months ago)
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ARHAA ACADEMY (4 months ago)
great content
Telal Mudawi (4 months ago)
Phuong Pham Thi Hoai (4 months ago)
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RAWAT SRIRATHU (4 months ago)
nice...I never knew that Phil Collins loves to trade too wow....
Miguel pena (4 months ago)
thanks you are very knowledgeable
luminor007 (4 months ago)
That looks like it does engulf 7:57 ? The blue bullish bar completely covers the red bar?
luminor007 (4 months ago)
learnt a lot.. thanks for your info.. I was just curious if the reason was because it didn't go through the support line and back up again that it wasn't a proper engulf?
Jacob Tekashi (4 months ago)
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Stepupin (4 months ago)
How do you beat the machines and algoritms? They are always one step ahead of us
Nas (4 months ago)
Thankyou Sir
Social Experiment Gaming (4 months ago)
one of the biggest peices of info not explained, when swing trading and looking at the candles he is talking about is on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame....so many do not know what time frame to look at which was my biggest mistake. when you dont know what timeframes to use, that is one of the biggest reasons people blow up their account.
Shopon Haque (4 months ago)
Welcome me sir.
Bae Fitri (4 months ago)
easy to follow thx m8
Indonesia Darussalam (4 months ago)
simple.. but great..
Jones mckeen (4 months ago)
if you make so much money how come you have a crap car?
Paresh Pithva (4 months ago)
JASHIM PP Jashi (5 months ago)
very nice tutorial. Thanks alot
johnny borreli (5 months ago)
Awesome info does this strategy only work on swing trades? I wish that linked was a direct access to the video
Zhuvachka Bubulgum (5 months ago)
Quite an educational video sincerely . I must also commend Dmitry Vladislav for his superb swing trade Blended Model strategy. I make over $1000 to $5000 daily trading just 15mins everyday . There may be better strategies out there but this is the simplest. Email him guys -- [email protected] cc
Justin Murithi (5 months ago)
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Chavez Goh (5 months ago)
this candle apply with 1H?
VERGIS92 (5 months ago)
Nice, but there's nothing proprietary, you can find these tips and more, for free, online. Beyond that, there are better strategies, and you can trade better than investment banks. The problem here is that the strategy is probabilistic, it has huge drawdown, and requires a large trading account. So you can probably find as many signals which didn't work. And it is understandable, nobody wants to pay fairly for a good strategy, they all want to find top notch strategies with $100. New traders don't know what they want, what they are getting into.
Kazi Mir (5 months ago)
start on 2:36
Subham Maity (5 months ago)
sir for this strategy what is the good time frame of the candle..???? please reply me
Juhász Fujisawa (5 months ago)
I need a strategy to trade on Forex or binary options. i don't need a trader to trade for me anymore. but someone to teach me the steps of trading. i applied learning on OctaFX, but no positive response till date.
Locos Fülöp (5 months ago)
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Lakatos:D Virsli (5 months ago)
is this work with any type of time frames?
RIFAT MAHMOOD (5 months ago)
Excellent video for day trader. Thank you Sir.
Narit Phoonsawat (5 months ago)
Another saleman
Peter Henderson (5 months ago)
Another sales pitch
Sunil Maharaj (5 months ago)
Which time frame is best for this ?
hoi giang Huy (6 months ago)
useful trade for a new bie !thanks sir
James Vornes Jr. (6 months ago)
Does the size of the wick matter in regards to the bullish or bearish engulfing candle setup? For example, the first candle's wick is longer than the second; will that make the setup invalid?
Aman Kodms (6 months ago)
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Humberto Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Si supiera operar estaría contando billetes y no tratando de venderte un servicio...cuando habrás una cuenta es igual que si entrar as en la Bolsa. actúa en consecuencia.
Abdullah Rajhi (6 months ago)
Basically SCAM
Locos Fülöp (2 months ago)
Giroud Fred, i agree with you. it's better to learn than to scandalize peoples work. The only challenge i have is getting effective guidance or mentor to lead me.
Giroud Fred (2 months ago)
Most people are not sure of themselves when it comes to trading stocks, because they are doing it wrong, that doesn't mean others are not right in the same field, all they do, is to say what ever they like for scandal, and being ignorant of learning what is good and right.
Ebimobowei Ere (2 months ago)
I bet he has never traded
Locos Fülöp (5 months ago)
have you been scammed by him before?
jacobrownoly (5 months ago)
How? Why u say that?
Mark Donald (6 months ago)
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Emily Harris (6 months ago)
Anybody who really wants to succeed should contact her via her email above I am a living testimony
Alex Jack (6 months ago)
Am very very happy to say Mrs casey has helped me so much recover most of the money I lost trading binary options
Alex Jack (6 months ago)
i believe you have to pay for quality, if you deserve a good result. i'm only sure when it's not free, by the way the best things in life are not for free.
Jack West (6 months ago)
BINARY TRADE GENIUS does she sell a software? Or is her help is for free
Benjamin Allen (6 months ago)
Learn to be appreciative to those who has helped you in one way or the other, thanks to Mrs casey
Chris Davis (6 months ago)
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Jumpchao150 (6 months ago)
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Marcel Davidson (6 months ago)
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Ricky Samson (6 months ago)
Sir Andrew, I am one of those "Busy" guys who is eager to learn. I love your strategies as you make them simple, clear, and easy to understand. am eager to try it. Thanks.
ForexSignals TV (8 days ago)
Hello Ricky.. Contact via mail ([email protected])
Hosty Homi (6 months ago)
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Patrick Stark (7 months ago)
Real time information man. I love every bit of it. Thanks and keep at it.
Domenico Pellegrino (7 months ago)
James Port is one of the very best things to have come into my life. I met him few days ago... last week to be precise and he traded for me, i made €8550 yesterday through him. He is a good guy.
Viran Ross (3 months ago)
no trace of james port on any search engine
Jacob Tekashi (4 months ago)
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Jay G (7 months ago)
You’ve made it sound too easy and you know it. Rarely do people hold 400 pip moves and you showed a daily chart with 3 trades over a 7 month period. Unless your strike rate is SERIOUSLY high, that’s not a profitable way of trading and you know that also, if not, I question your profitability
Jay G (6 months ago)
Thats one way of doing it yes. The thing about this is trading your own method and that way doesn't suit me (10 lots, wow!). Some traders like moving a stop to break even and some don't, some trail their stop. Depending what I see will depend on what I do with it. Where are you learning to trade from? Sounds like a good trade! Keep an eye on how much of your account size you're risking per trade, stop size and don't forget to take some money out of the market :)
Ebony Bostock (6 months ago)
One thing Ive just learnt (Im quite new to this) is to divide your positions up. So say if your buying 10 lots, buy them in lots of 2. Set your TP to smaller amounts say 50 pips each or whatever to line up with support points, then once you've hit say two, move the stop loss on the rest to break even, for a risk free trade. Swing trading on daily charts do aim for alot of pips. I have personally started looking at the 4 hourly and have recently made 114 pips so far on the EUR/GBP long. Still holding. Good luck to us eh? :)
Jay G (6 months ago)
Ebony Bostock if you can psychologically hold a move 400 pips in profit then go for it but it’s all a question of risk. How big is your stop, what your tp and are you risking more R than you might gain towards the end of the trade
Ebony Bostock (6 months ago)
Why not hold a 400 pip move? Also there are multiple pairs to check charts on...
Warawut Sa (7 months ago)
Thank you
andre msk (7 months ago)
I dont like the idea of people promissing to show something for free, and then, when you put your email address, spend a bit of time going from page after page, you just wath one video and after that you need to put payment information to continue watching the other ones. Ok, there is a 7 days trial, but..... the point is: "why you didnt say that in the beginning?" Your strategy maybe is good, but this kind of promises I prefer to be distant... thank you anyway
chris king (21 days ago)
Giroud Fred (2 months ago)
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Nicholas R. Garvey (2 months ago)
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Aditya Lukman (7 months ago)
How about the bullish pinbar at 84820?
The Kaveman (7 months ago)
@7;51 You showed a bearish engulfing pattern but you missed the engulfing pattern a few days after 8 august .. also, Did I miss the exit strategy ?
mohamed amine moussa (7 months ago)
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tunde onipinla (7 months ago)
Its morning over here and i say a very good morning to you, I am so new to forex and i really want to understand the whole concept in forex, i have seen so many quick way to earn cash via this medium but i am not satisfied with the short run success, i just stumbled at your page and to me, you are it. What can i do to get the fundamental knowledge on what to do, can you link me with the basis, books, videos that would support my quest. would be glad with your help... thanks.
mark anthony (7 months ago)
Really an eye-opener, thanks
curtis mike scaparrotti (7 months ago)
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curtis mike scaparrotti (7 months ago)
its been an amazing experience
Dhanuja Boyagoda (7 months ago)
Ur awesome bro💖
Paulo Asahi (7 months ago)
Hi Andrew. After so many days seeing junk on youtube, finally I met you. I'm 100% in your description profile. Have a daily job and only seeking some help for supporting a 3 small kids family. My question is: In your own example (AUD/JPY) day trading, what is the leverage we can use in a safe and still profitable way. Thank you. (subscribed of course...)
Jorge Garcia (7 months ago)
Using a combination of chart patterns can't really help beginners, when I started forex trading it was the onus of my problems, however I came across a company that educated me after I concluded their six months program/contract. Using both swing trading and day trading strategies
Jeremy Sawyer (7 months ago)
wow great, i invested $100 already after contacting the support centre, it is worth the try.
Jorge Garcia (7 months ago)
Hello mr william, I suggest you peruse the company website.
William Ngugi (7 months ago)
hello manoj you began in january? I began since last year and have lost a lot, how did you invest in the platform? I use bitcoins to transact.
Julian Rivera (7 months ago)
How does this company work? as brokerage or what?
Jorge Garcia (7 months ago)
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Graeme C (7 months ago)
I understand that this is about candles but is there a reason you did not identify the chart pattern(s) which compliment / confirm the candles ? Thanks
Paul Kaz (7 months ago)
Thanks for these video. You have a talent for putting ideas across clearly. I've read up on these candle stick patterns but your video made things click. Thanks. In terms of support and resistance, would you act on one of these candlestick patterns spreading at the first line of support or resistance?
kagiso thebe (7 months ago)
Where is the link below ?

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