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Maya: Relaxing and Smoothing with the Sculpt Polygon Tool

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The Smooth and Relax features of the sculpt geometry tool can help to relax our verts. The Sculpt Geometry window is found here.. Polygon Menu - Mesh - Sculpt Geometry Tool (options) hotkey = shift p (only my hotkeys) size the brush = b strength of the brush = m Smooth mode can be accessed by holding shift at any time. Smooth will suck into the mesh if rounded. Relax will attempt to maintain volume. Presenter: Andrew Silke (Avatar, Harry Potter, Gravity) Website: www.create3dcharacters.com Facebook Daily Blog: https://www.facebook.com/create3dcharacters Software: Maya 2014
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Text Comments (36)
Semih Aksoy (21 days ago)
There is dynopo function for sculpting in Blender. İs there something like that in Maya?
Semih Aksoy (20 days ago)
@andrew silke ok. I will learn Zbrush too :D thanks.
andrew silke (20 days ago)
Yeah ZBrush has a weird learning curve to it, but it's by far superior as a sculptor. Mudbox is easier to pickup and is better than Blender, pros still use it and Mudbox has better texture tools. But ZBrush is king for sculpting, though bad for texturing. More features, handles more polys, nicer feel once you get used to it.
andrew silke (20 days ago)
@Semih Aksoy ZBrush Blender or Mudbox for sculpting? It's ZBrush
Semih Aksoy (20 days ago)
@andrew silke By the way, I'm actually asking which one is better on doing their job.
Semih Aksoy (21 days ago)
@andrew silke I have zbrush in my computer. Which one should I learn. Zbrush or Mudbox. Should I set up Mudbox, or go on with Zbrush? I'm newbie in zbrush? What is your advise?
doko (8 months ago)
At the end Andrew says "there's another method which is new in v.2014", and it's continued in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UN4waypOdgs
timeSlidr (1 year ago)
Is it possible to relax a selection of vertices? I can do a workaround where I detach the faces but I'd rather not do that. I'm using maya 2018
timeSlidr (1 year ago)
Thanks! I haven't used maya since maya 8
andrew silke (1 year ago)
"edit mesh > average vertices " is probably what you're after
Fuloqwam (2 years ago)
If anyone's here because they're using Maya 2017 and can't find the smooth or relax brushes, you can hit "CTRL+2" for smooth or "CTRL+3" for relax. You can also go to: "Mesh Tools > Sculpting tools" in the modelling menu set.
Selena (1 year ago)
What about for those who use the Mac?
Pepper (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Warnderbar (2 years ago)
cheesus! you can read my mind! :o thanks anyway! :D
Brian Lawson (2 years ago)
completely different for maya 2016. where is that tool?
Brian Lawson (2 years ago)
Wow yes incredibly buggy. Fortunately I use zbrush as well ill stick to that for organic modeling
Create 3d Characters (2 years ago)
Yeah they moved it, looks like: surfaces > sculpt geometry tool The new sculpting tools do all this in theory though I've found them buggy especially relax. Hopefully fixed soon.
joseph jeyaruban (3 years ago)
how did you change the brush to arrow ....any short keys ???
andrew silke (3 years ago)
I guess that's simply "q" for select yeah?
Brock Norfleet (3 years ago)
Thanks mate, exactly what I needed
Matteo Simoncini (4 years ago)
I haven't understood the difference(s) between these 2 tools (smooth and relax) :-( Could you try to explain it? Consider I'm a little poor in listening, so probably if you explain me here I can understand better.
andrew silke (4 years ago)
@Matteo Simoncini one type sucks the mesh in, the other tries to maintain the mesh volume, both are useful in different situations, you'll have to play
quaid oralious (4 years ago)
Try out Lbrush & waxlab, great sculpting plugins for maya. Pretty much puts mudbox inside maya
andrew silke (4 years ago)
hadn't come across wax lab, good tip ta
VFX Ltd™ (4 years ago)
If this is a tutorial, you start from scratch, not the middle of a project in which beginners cant even follow..
hepzibah (1 year ago)
I like that he got straight to the point. So many youtubers spend minutes talking about bullshit and it drives me nuts. Just talk about what the title says.
andrew silke (4 years ago)
Sorry mate, if you can't create a sphere and mess it up a bit then yes you're very beginner and this will be too hard for you.   My tutes are for those who've got at least a basic understanding of maya, most of them you'll need to be intermediate. Good luck!
AnnoyingAnimator (4 years ago)
Left click on the objekt  after that will open menu and u have to hold the left botton   then go Paint/Sculpt it will open the options on left of the screen and then pump up the strenght as much as you need 
Ignorante de la Vida (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Biljana Randjelovic (5 years ago)
You have to select the object before going to sculpt tool. 
AnnoyingAnimator (4 years ago)
me consider ,you right  ,but  he show all you can see if pay attention . are you comming from the  Balkan  Biliyana  cus i do too !
andrew silke (5 years ago)
sorry guys not sure what'd be happening for you
Giankarlo2805 (5 years ago)
having the same issue here
Garmian Dler (5 years ago)
hi i have a problem with my relaxing tool its not working the others are working well ,,i dont know what to do answer me plz

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