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100% day trading Software with no requirements of stop loss not Required

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Visit: http://www.livetradesystem.com Or, http://www.livetradesystem.co/day-trading TAKIT Pro – #1 Day Trading Software for stocks, commodities, currency. Day Trading is very profitable but dangerous without proper guidance. Hence, TAKIT Professional, the ultimate software for Day trading. This software automatically shows you the Buy and Sell signals on the live chart. Green arrow shows BUY signal and Red arrow shows SELL signal. It does all the analysis job for you and show the best opportunities to trade on intraday. Apart from accurate Buy and Sell signals you are also getting TAKIT PRO PROFIT ESTIMATOR which is a software to show you the target profit. Day Trading Strategy with revolutionary results. Peoples love TAKIT Pro because of its highly efficient Day Trading Strategy and Technique which is formulated inside. We are a team of highly experienced professionals comprising of software developers, stock market strategist, qualified day traders who are in this market for more than 5 years. Stop Loss NOT required. The excellent feature of this software is that “Stop Loss is NOT necessary”. For example you get a Buy signal @ 499/-. Then if the Buy signal gives you loss and the price falls then automatically a REVERSE Sell signal will come. This REVERSE signal will completely protect you from loss. A perfect Day Trading System for positional traders also. TAKIT Professional is equally beneficial for the Positional Traders also. Actually the profit margin for Positional Trades is very high than Intraday calls and its accuracy is much higher. The system to trade in positional is just to follow the signals one after another. No need to put any stop loss. This software gives you daily profit. Out of 10 consecutive Buy and Sell signals, might be 2 signals give slight loss. But the rest of 8 signals will give you huge profit. This is the main excellence of this software TAKIT Professional. Learn Day Trading in the easiest way. You may find thousands of websites and books to learn Intraday Trading or Daily Trading. But they are all very descriptive and create confusion among Intraday Traders. What TAKIT Pro does is its internal technology calculates all the market statistics and history at a time every second. Its a self learning software for Day Trading Shares. Which Day Trading Shares gives the most profit? This is perhaps the million dollar question of stock market. There are 1000 + Trading Shares in stock market. Now we recommend the highly traded large cap Shares and Indices like Reliance, Wipro, Bank Nifty, Nifty and many others. In Commodities you can go with Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper and many others. After purchasing we give the details of the most profitable Day Trading Shares for Intraday Trading and Positional Trading. TAKIT Pro works very good for positional/short term trades also. This software is also beneficial for those who dont have time to intraday trading. Because, in positional trading it gives long profit margins. It can give you 5 to 15 times more profit in positional trading that in intraday trading. We give accurate data. Other companies are charging monthly recurring fees for real time data. But in TAKIT Professional you are getting Real Time Data of equities and commodities FREE for 10 years. Yes its unbelievable but 100% true. All the data is accurate and realtime. Hence, you are saving minimum Rs. 12,000/- every year. Who can use this software? Though it is designed basically for Day Traders but TAKIT Professional is being used over 6 years by broking farms, analysts, traders and short term investors. Lifetime commitment to you. We guarantee you that TAKIT Professional will be your friend for Lifetime. This is not a commitment but a guarantee. Just a one-time payment for Lifetime. We are providing the most expensive Real Time Data of equities, commodities and currencies completely free of cost. Hence, it is the cheapest software in the market because no other company can provide real time data free of cost. How we are providing data for free? Firstly, we believe on high volume sales. Means the more customers purchase this software, automatically the cost of maintaining servers and technology will minimize. Plus we are having all our technology, engineers and servers of our own. So its a huge cost effective way and easy maintainable.
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