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MODO | Mesh Fusion Basics: Part Three

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In this video we'll cover all of the options available in the Fusion Pie Menu (CTRL+F). We'll also discuss the very interesting placement options that are available in the Fusion Qbic Preset Browser.
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dajzilla (12 days ago)
My CTRL F brings ups fusion pie menu BUT it is different than this one. I guess foundry changed this in V13? They not grayed out but actually missing.
Feld Knöterich (6 months ago)
This is the best place to learn useful stuff about Modo. Thanks for your effort!
pixelfondue (6 months ago)
I agree.... but I may be biased :)
Felipe Gl (11 months ago)
One doubt,the mesh fusion always triangulate the mesh as in the video? Exist one way to do it without TRI mesh or to clear the mesh at the finish?
Pigumon (1 year ago)
So awesome!!!! Another clear video, starting from the beginning. I can’t be,rice how powerful mesh fusion is.
Nigel Doyle (1 year ago)
Excellent video and I learnt a few things. I note that the pie menu has changed in 11.2 and some of the pit menu options are implemented from the Fusion menu. Other more commonly used functions have replaced those.
rkamo88 (1 year ago)
A big thanks for this series! Tutorial about compound trims would be a really helpful ;)
Fred Gambino (1 year ago)
Great series of videos Ed, very concise and useful.
Sthe Norzk (1 year ago)
TY Ed! Can u show on the next part how to convert fusion ---> subD quad mesh and topology optimisation? coz i think the fusion mesh ---> subD --> CAD 3d best way for convert/create organic form models into the STEP/IGES format for my 5-axis cnc monster))
Yonder Observer (1 year ago)
ALL GOOD HERE!! Thank you so much! I am very happy when ever I see you are doing one of these tutorials. So much to learn from these!
Mathias Voegtle (1 year ago)
Thanks Ed, again a very helpfull video...
dominiekdr (1 year ago)
Thank you very much Ed! Apparently there's still a lot of Mesh Fusion functionality that I haven't explored yet. BTW : The "Placement" with "Scale To" and "Align To" are also very interesting for non-Fusion items. Cheers, Dominiek.
pixelfondue (1 year ago)
Thank you Dominiek! Very true, I should have mentioned that the placement features are really useful for aligning and scaling regular mesh presets.

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