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E-mini ES Futures Contract Specifications; tick value, margin requirements, round term commissions

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Symbol: ES (CME) Tick Value: .25 (1000.00) Cost/Tick: $12.50 usd Margin: $500 usd/contract Benefits: Lots of liquidity, predictable patterns for position traders Drawbacks: lots of volume, slow and sluggish, lots of "backfill" Best Time to Trade: 930 -- 1230am EST Favorite Pattern: Reversal 2-step off LOD/HOD 13-range Favorite Timeframes: 8-Range for Scalping, 13-Range for Day Trading, 21 & 34-Range for Swing Trading The E-mini ES is often considered to be the most widely traded market in the world, and its often the first market that new day traders learn. Our simple patters work exceptionally well on any timeframe when trading the e-mini ES. My favorite way to trade this market is with a simple reversal pattern at a double-top, it's a 90% winner with lots of volume to give you assurance you can trade large size with little risk of slippage. Contact our support team for futures brokers Click here for E-mini ES Futures Contract Specifications on the Exchange Website http://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/e-mini-sandp500_contract_specifications.html http://700bucksaday.blogspot.com/2010/02/schooloftradecom-review.html we love your feedback, please post it here!
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ahmad (2 years ago)
too bad that there are no more backfills seen that much in US sessions in the es.

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