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This is a Rhino 5 tutorial for MacBook commands highlighted - Boolean Difference - Polygon Mesh - Contour - Offset Surfaces
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Sara White (21 days ago)
How do you make the mesh into curves to be extruded? Because you cannot extrude curve a mesh?
Sara White (21 days ago)
I am sorry about my previous negative comment. Was very frustrated
Sara White (21 days ago)
OH, you can also just select the mesh and type "extract wireframe" then do the following extruding steps
Philip Mayhew (6 months ago)
Nice work. Mr Osboune comment on "offsetserf" will save you a lot of clicking. same for the silhouette command. May I suggest you describe what structure you are building in the beginning. Could be a nice Vertical farm
art_architecture_form (2 months ago)
hey hi! yeah sure thanks for your suggestion
Vincent Osboune (8 months ago)
You dont actually have to click all the arrows to unify normal directions when 'both sides' is checked in the offsetsrf prompt because the frame will be thickened uniformly.
art_architecture_form (8 months ago)
thanks for the tip!
Evelyn Hariono (10 months ago)
Hi! I'm wondering how did you isolate the mesh curves from the mesh itself? Very cool work!
Vincent Osboune (8 months ago)
Tried using the command silhouette?
art_architecture_form (10 months ago)
oh! i kinda missed out that clip... yikes For that, you can just hide the surface >visibility command (it looks like a bulb ) >click on your surface and then click on the blub which isn't glowing (which is meant for hiding) if you want the surface back click on the glowing bulb. hope this helps

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