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Blender 2.7 Tutorial #8 : Smoothing & SubSurf #b3d

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Visit my Blender 2.7 Tutorial Series playlist for more Blender Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLda3VoSoc_TR7X7wfblBGiRz-bvhKpGkS In this Tutorial #8 I cover: -How to smooth objects using Smooth vs Flat Shading -How to smooth individual groups of faces. -How to add and use the Subdivision Surface Modifier -How to work with the 'SubSurf' modifier to create both smoothness and hard edges. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to Like & Subscribe! :) Please DONATE via PayPal to help support my channel: https://goo.gl/ThkwyG
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Text Comments (124)
muta sys (9 days ago)
Thank you
Daniel Pearson (18 days ago)
Newbie, love your channel, Super dumb question. I'm not using a mouse and just want the selection tool, instead no matter where I click the candy cane circle gets placed there. I can select things by going to tab but outside of that my mouse is just positioning a spot for the next object. Please can you help?
BornCG (18 days ago)
In blender you right click to select objects, you left click to place the 'candy cane' 3D cursor. It sounds like your mouse is only left clicking. Are you on a MacBook? Have you tried clicking the other side of the trackpad to select objects? Perhaps you need to enable right click on your trackpad in your operating preferences?
The Kaiser (24 days ago)
Cerated Sign (1 month ago)
First minute, thank you.
AgentShadow (1 month ago)
other videos beat around the bush. you answered my question in the first minute of the video. subsurf. thank you!!
Iscub (1 month ago)
Helped me out a lot, Thanks!
satyanarayan debbarma (2 months ago)
will i still get my smooth surface after i render out my file without applying subsurf.
Kinblood (4 months ago)
thank you much help
Aumym (5 months ago)
the cylinder smoothness was just what i was looking for omg thank you so much!
Bryson Williams (5 months ago)
i dont know what damn buttons he pressed to select half of the model ;-;
Taina de Oliveira (6 months ago)
GREAT tutorial ♡
BornCG (6 months ago)
Thanks! ☺️
harri peltola (6 months ago)
Really good video!!! Well explained! Thank U!
Joshua Phillips (8 months ago)
Thanks man!!!! Content was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.
Trugger (9 months ago)
JoeMz (9 months ago)
it really helped! That's a sub & a like!
G.N. studio (9 months ago)
Naneko. Chan (1 year ago)
How did you select all faces?
Naneko. Chan (1 year ago)
BornCG ok thanks I was also wondering is there more ways/better to smooth models? I use some methods but can't get it as smooth as I want it. It's a ripped model.
BornCG (1 year ago)
put your mouse in the 3D view window and press 'a'.
Novial Riptide (1 year ago)
Thank you :) interesting and helpful video :)
Drinner D (1 year ago)
Hello Born CG. I am having a small issue with my Mesh in Blender. I was wondering if you would have some idea of what to do. Here is my issue. I use Blender and Cinema 4D lite R19 to open and manage different types of 3D model files so I can convert them to OBJ files and use them in Element 3D for animating. When I open a WRL file in Cinema 4D Lite R19, the model is nice and smooth looking. I would have been happy with the model as it was, accept that whole thing was almost one single object, so I needed to open the WRL in Blender and and try to separate the mesh into several different parts that can be individually animated in After Effects through Element 3D, because as far as I know, C4D Lite R19 (a plugin version for After Effects) lacks the ability to do so.... and here's where the problem begins. Like I said earlier, when I open the WRL in C4D Lite, it's nice and smooth and looks good. However, when I take that Same exact WRL and open it in Blender, it's jagged, rough and has looks very "geometric." I didn't think much of this and did a bunch of work and exported the object as an OBJ to open in Element 3D, thinking that it would be "smoothed-out" in the file exporting process, but I was wrong! It looks exactly how it did in Blender, hard-edged and "geometric!" not smooth and soft as it did in C4D Lite! ...No good. So my question is, do you have ANY idea as to why opening the WRL in Blender causes it to look hard-edged, rigged and Geometric? In Blender, I have tried "smoothing" the mesh and that just tares it. I have tried "Subdividing" and "Subdividing-Smooth" properties and neither of them work. I was going to try a "Shrink-wrap" technique I learned form Youtube in an attempt to "re-mesh" the surface. I just can't understand why the object goes from being nice and smooth in C4D Lite... to hard-edged, jagged and "geometric" in Blender. Any ideas? Either way, thanks for your help!
FrostDrive (1 year ago)
These tutorials are some of the best I've ever seen. Great job! I never thought I'd learn 3D modeling so thank you!
BAF_McNab (1 year ago)
32 times 16 is not over a thousand :/ xD
BAF_McNab (1 year ago)
And it didn't take me three years to work out. But keep the vids coming, much appreciated.
BornCG (1 year ago)
You got me!
ooofest (1 year ago)
Thanks very much, this one video had all of the information I needed on smoothing and subd options for view vs rendering, which searching through multiple videos and websites didn't offer in such a cohesive, easy to understand manner.
Rich Parker (1 year ago)
This one, and all your other Blender tutorials, are awesome and tremendously helpful! Thank you kind sir and please keep up the great work
Huckler Puckler (1 year ago)
I am editing a map in Blender for a game. Is there a easy way to smooth out a larger area? If I for example want to turn a mountain into a sea or grass plain. Doing this manualy is very hard and it always ends up being a bunch of holes/hills that are visible ingame.
Yadu Entertainment (1 year ago)
Gaming Maniac (1 year ago)
Couldn;t you apply it and then save it as a new model???
Science of Self (1 year ago)
You helped me.
Lost Eye (1 year ago)
Hi BornCG, So the first thing you demonstrate in this video about smoothing is that you can make the can/cylinder smooth around all the sides, to create hard edges at the top and bottom rims. What if, though, the top and bottom rims are slightly convex or concave (rounded smoothly),and I would still want the top and bottom rounded parts to be smooth, but I still want the hard edge where it meets the sides of the cylinder. I tried setting selected groups of polys to Smooth individually, but that doesn't really create "smoothing groups" - because if two "smoothed" areas share a seam, they are inherently grouped with each other as well. I realize you can probably split/duplicate all the edges where you want a seam, but this is destructive to the model of course So is this inherently not possible in Blender? I'm also using 2.7.0. Thanks
Lost Eye (1 year ago)
+BornCG Thank you
BornCG (1 year ago)
Good questions! Check out my tutorial on 'Hard edges on Smooth Objects' - I think you'll find most of your answers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgzmSnQt0bQ
TheShadowedGrim (2 years ago)
So, the subdivision surface modifier just let's you edit your low poly model, while seeing how it would look if it was more detailed? If this is the case, is that all it does?
Jeweells (2 years ago)
I'd wish to have heard the part when you said it could crash my computer if I turned that up too high before turning that up too high and getting my computer crashed
Hue Man (2 years ago)
I turned subdividion surface view to 90 and broke my computer.... literaly 3 seconds before borncg said don't turn it up too high
Chrispy (2 years ago)
why is the file not smooth when i export it?
BornCG (2 years ago)
+Chrispy export to what? If you're exporting to noon-blender, like a game engine, you need to press APPLY in the subdivision surface modifier options. If you're just rendering a frame or animation in blender then don't. ☺️
Mr.Nicc/NiccB1207 (2 years ago)
I have this problem where the model shading is set to smooth but is flat when rendered. Help?
Thunder Productions (2 years ago)
wait if i use it in unity do i have to press the evil apply button
BornCG (2 years ago)
Yeah, I wouldn't go higher than that.
Thunder Productions (2 years ago)
Should I set it to 1 if I am making an android game?
BornCG (2 years ago)
Yes you do, but of course if you set it beyond 1 or 2 any game engine will struggle with it.
Luny & Milky (2 years ago)
Really nice and smoooth :))
Wiz (2 years ago)
thank you for your time. excellent lessons.
BornCG (2 years ago)
+Justme thanks!
Conrad Barski (2 years ago)
Great video, very helpful in getting a novice conceptual understanding of subsurf- Thanks!
Chip Cooper (2 years ago)
Any idea why in your images and renders, like around @6:39, you have more reflectivity, like your sphere is shiny... I am using v2.78 but I've noticed this before in earlier versions, my screen object looks differently than yours? I changed my default from point to sun and that did brighten up my objects, but didn't make it as shiny as yours. (BTW, I've done these, but am going through them more quickly to refamiliarize myself.)
Chip Cooper (2 years ago)
Guess I'll have to look to see if it shows up in the PC versions... and Yes, I have cycles as my default, did that early on, got tired of having to remember. :-) I'm pretty clueless about Blender Render. lol I use nodes... when I need detailed control.
BornCG (2 years ago)
+Chip Cooper Have you switched to the cycles render engine at the top? Have I in my videos? Also, I'm using a Mac for these earlier tutorials in this series. Somewhere into tutorial #40-something I switched to a PC.
Jerry Fochtmann (2 years ago)
Excellent tutorial. Thanks!
Kim99 99 (2 years ago)
Jean-Baptiste Dubois (2 years ago)
Thank you sooo much for all your hardwork!! :)
Arctic Fox (2 years ago)
Ok so im modelling a gun and the stock (the bit where you hold the gun) has a tiny smooth bit at the end of it how do i make that smooth?
Arctic Fox (2 years ago)
ok thank you
Select the face(s), then go to the uv/shading tab on the left and select face smooth.
Cláudio Sampaio (2 years ago)
Is there any way to convert subsurf to NURBS?
어서와 (2 years ago)
I like the KeyScreen Big Fonts!
Mark Goodley (2 years ago)
Hi; Great Series... Question... I need to be able to use the Subdivision Surface (Subsurf) only a part of a model (not the whole part)... and keep sharp angles/edges for the rest... How/Can this be done...? All the tutorials show all or nothing... TY !!!
Regiux Roda (2 years ago)
Thanks man ! You helped me a lot !
Dominick (2 years ago)
You are a computer abuser. Shame on you, your poor lil pc couldn't handle all these polygons and faces but you, naah, you have to work !!! ima call peta for computers (xD)
aizaleeh sagandingan (4 months ago)
Joe Williams (2 years ago)
Your tutorials are great. Not getting the criticisms AT ALL. Thanks!
BornCG (2 years ago)
Thanks! :D
Waqas Abdul Majeed (2 years ago)
I love your tutorials, it helps me learn a lot and everyone who is working with me on my team :D Good Luck!
TheReal Peter226 (2 years ago)
This thing is buggy. I made a 3D bunny, I was clicking the smooth button but it was doing nothing. I tryed re-importing it: didnt worked. Then I tryed to do it on a sphere: it worked! then in object mode I imported in the bunny too and then selected everythin and then I pressed ctrl+j and bamm! it worked! the only problem was that the bunny had a sphere tumor on its back but I got rid of it in edit mode. I tryed this method with the rabbit multiple times and only this works on it.
Zanz kami (2 years ago)
i also tried to smooth, but it seems like, i need to select all of the object/lines by pressing "A" and then go on shading then smooth/"O".
Techno Wolf (2 years ago)
your tutorial videos are very helpful in understanding how this works:)
Ruud Maes (2 years ago)
"so it does not slow down things like orbiting, working in blender or crashing your computer"
Hypertesta (2 years ago)
Does Blender have equivalent for Autosmooth function which is in 3ds Max?
Restora SenriSei (2 years ago)
With the way subsurface works in mind, I like to use 2 subsurface modifiers on my more masculine characters, one being simple, to just add subdivisions, and the other actually smoothing to have an edgier overall effect.
andyt1313 (2 years ago)
Love your videos man. However, you completely lost me with the subsurface division modifier thing. You went through it very quickly so I don't understand what it is or it's purpose. Thanks so much for these.
andyt1313 (2 years ago)
+Lo WHong Thanks
Lo WHong (2 years ago)
Based on what i understand is the subsurface division makes it a higher resolution shape. As you see the UV sphere if only apply smoothing, the edges are still visible to be low res (still can see rough edges). With the subsurface division it divides it into more parts and with smoothing it become almost perfectly round. Just my understanding. Im new to this too
Neil Roy (3 years ago)
Very nicely done, thanks again.
JorgeXFBunny P (3 years ago)
borncg ^_^ you sholdn't prove SubSurf so people will have full knowledge of using that even if they have an xp You should improve this. In blender 2.80 I know the animation Game engine. That will have full power over. If that's what he said to me. You should add the SubSurf Modifier. And tried to fix those slow down and crash problems are you lazy blender. You coulda of. Did that long time ago
JorgeXFBunny P (3 years ago)
+JorgeXFBunny P Don't answer turn your chair around just ignore it. And be a lazy donkey bye.
JorgeXFBunny P (3 years ago)
+JorgeXFBunny P Concentrate on your modifiers to fix their problems. Or you just going to find yourself and a broken mirror.
Benjamin Shurts (3 years ago)
I love your tutorials! Keep it up! thanks for sharing the love with frustrated artists like me!
MrIrrationalGamer (3 years ago)
I'm modeling my YouTube logo in Blender and I'm trying to make the faces of the 'A' and 'frame' around the 'glassy red orb' smooth while keeping all of the edges sharp, but it seems no matter what I do the edges end up getting smoothed too. I first selected all of the polygons on the 'face' of the 'A' in edit mode, then clicked the 'smooth faces' button, and basically just kept repeating that process for all of the parts. But in the end the edges ended up looking smooth too. Any ideas on how I can avoid that?
TSkeptic (3 years ago)
i cant explain how much i appreciate these videos. thank you man
Mad Sparrow (3 years ago)
effective. thanks
Noah Tabor (3 years ago)
whats the command to add a shape
Airboss (2 years ago)
Shift -> A
Kiran Gershenfeld (3 years ago)
+Noah Tabor Shift+a in object mode
ReneMar Remorosa (3 years ago)
I used subsurf on a cube and turned smooth on. I just made a marshmallow lol XD. The magic of Blender.
Nick O (3 years ago)
apparently 32x16 = >1000, and not 512
sir I (3 years ago)
why does my mesh show lines in smooth mode and not in flat mode blender
Cinnika Z (3 years ago)
thanks man
Olivier Martin (3 years ago)
I love your tutorial! thanks a lot!
Albert Sitoe (3 years ago)
32*16=512 not >1000
JNowski (2 years ago)
haha. glad I wasn't the only one to catch this
John Galler (2 years ago)
Maths is hard... XD
LoveDollRomance (2 years ago)
sorry, I love your videos but yea this immediately got me too lol
Mikester919 (3 years ago)
+Albert Sitoe hahahaha you noticed that too XD
Theflamers (3 years ago)
SubSurf is the feature I love the most that I´ve seen in these first tutorials. IT ´S SIMPLY AMZING
André Fernandes (3 years ago)
I feel for your computer! A martyr. May he rest forever in peace! Thanks for the awesome videos =) I'm really enjoying learning Blender with you. Keep it up, Colin!
AngelCnderDreamer (3 years ago)
Thanks so much, for the helpful tutorail. This helped me alot. two questions though? What about game characters? And can we apply with SubSurf, after we're done with our model?
AngelCnderDreamer (3 years ago)
+BornCG Okay, thanks. ^ ^
BornCG (3 years ago)
+CynderAngelDream World14 If you are working in the blender game engine then yes, otherwise no. You can APPLY the subsurf modifier to make it the real mesh for other game engines, but obviously you don't want a super high-poly mesh for a game.
Jason Bartlett (3 years ago)
Hi BornCG, this tutorial series is fantastic and I really appreciate you making it.  No doubt you could earn some money if you posted this on a site like Udemy.  (www.udemy.com or https://teach.udemy.com/?ref=teach_header ).  I was going to sign up for a course on that site myself until I found your videos.  A few weeks ago I learned about Unity and after watching a few tutorial videos about that I realized that I needed to learn Blender first.  I was overwhelmed initially and thinking it would probably take years to learn, but now after watching your videos I'm blown away by how easy it can be and how powerful this application is.  Wish I had known about this a long time ago.  Unfortunately for me I'm pretty set in my career path with family to raise and whatnot so I'll never do anything with this on my own, but I'm hoping that I'll learn enough to teach my kids and offer to teach in the summer to middle school students or something.  What ages of kids have you had the best results from?  I currently am a mentor to an elementary school Lego Robotics team and enjoy teaching STEM concepts to kids.  Anyhow, just wanted to say thank you very much.  Blender is going a favorite past time for me for years to come and I have you to thank!
Claudio Oulego (3 years ago)
Thanks man for this videos !
armandoa (4 years ago)
very nice thanks just what i needed
Brady Holland (4 years ago)
You should make a list of commands that you teach in the description for faster reference. So far these are the most extensive and lessons I have come across and they were well said. If anything I should make that list myself. Anyways, thanks dude!!
BornCG (4 years ago)
+Brady Holland There is a very good but probably too in-depth interactive infographic of all the keyboard shortcuts out there, but you're right. I should.
Got to the end of this video in one night, fantastic tutorial series,  going to recap thrgouh them tomorrow night and see how far I can advance again!
SuperTN A (4 years ago)
This is not I want to watch
Raja Rana (4 years ago)
thank you. Appreciate your time and effort. learnt a lot
Skitt64 (4 years ago)
I plan on watching this full series soon, thank you! I've already learned a bit about Blender but I want to do my own work easily.
rene ipsa (4 years ago)
bird271828 (4 years ago)
I really appreciate your hard work. I know preparing these tutorials is not easy. You teach well and you get to the point quickly. Keep up the good work.
Ll Ll (3 years ago)
+bird271828 Same as what I want to say!
BornCG (4 years ago)
+bird271828 Thanks! :)
BornCG (4 years ago)
Today I sat down and planned out all my Blender 2.7 tutorial videos until the end of September, about 3 per week until Tutorial #26. Get ready to kick butt at Blender! =D
Shirasaki Kujo (2 years ago)
nothing changes on my model when i click on it why? its selected too
Richard Bexborn (3 years ago)
+Giannis Mariettos : In case you're still wondering, you can do that with the Decimate modifier, planar method.
Joel Santos (4 years ago)
+BornCG Really, really cool videos. Thanks for helping us out.
Giannis Mariettos (4 years ago)
+BornCG dude i have got about 12000 faces and i want all the faces that between them have got only 20 degrees or less to make them smooth is there nay trick for that? thanks!
Alexander Petrov (4 years ago)
+BornCG I started 2 days ago with blender, man i can say i learned A LOT from you, i wont lie i did change some stuff on the rabbit, and made him a demon, adding those spiky ears. Thanks man, keep it up ! :) P.S: Are the tuts pretty viable, even though its 7 months since made ? :)

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