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Java Source Code Analysis using SonarQube | Java Techie

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This video explain you what is sonar and how to get start with sonar | example (code quality and code coverage ) GitHub: https://github.com/Java-Techie-jt/sonar-example Blogs: https://javagyanmantra.wixsite.com/website Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/919464521471923 Like & Subscribe
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Text Comments (15)
Chintu nayak (2 months ago)
brother plz make a video on code debugging
Java Techie (2 months ago)
Hi Chintu ,will do
Bathula Nagendra (6 months ago)
Sir , i got the answer Thanq for this video. if any one need to integrate sonarcube in gradle then Just add below line in build.gradle file "plugins { id "org.sonarqube" version "2.6.2" }" and run the below command in command promt in our project root folder. "gradle sonarqube".
Bathula Nagendra (6 months ago)
Sir How to give jacoco command in Gradle
Nikhil Bharne (9 months ago)
Bro really helpful 👌👍👍👍
Mahindra G (10 months ago)
supose i'm using ant build tool that time how can run sonarqube i see ur video run maven build inside goal u gived some path same thing in ant how can work plz expln once
Mahindra G (10 months ago)
plz expln my dovt
Java Techie (10 months ago)
Mahindra sure will let u know soon .may be some goal should be available .
sunil behera (11 months ago)
i am not able to pass proper goals while maven build .
Java Techie (11 months ago)
sunil run once mvn:install then sonar:sonar refresh your browser.
sunil behera (11 months ago)
After accessing the sonarqube in browser I am not able to see my project .
Java Techie (11 months ago)
Which build u r not able to run?
sunil behera (11 months ago)
by passing this i have done finally--> clean org.jacoco:jacoco-maven-plugin:prepare-agent
Prasanta Sahoo (11 months ago)
Thanks @Basant...it will help a lot....
Gopal D (11 months ago)

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