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Trading कैपिटल Requirement for Full Time Trading.

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** Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bharat.jhunj... ** Twitter: https://twitter.com/BharatJ82 ** LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bharatmft... ** Website: https://www.prorsi.com ** Email: infoatp[email protected] Learn everything about the #niftyfuture #nifty . #SpeakingTechnically is an Knowledge Show on the ProRSI YouTube Channel. Through Speaking Technically we aim to break the myths of Trading using Technical analysis and Training in the financial markets and provide true Knowledge to people which Trading Guru's have been hiding till now. Started By Bharat Jhunjhunwala. He is an International Certified Technical Analyst and a successful trader. He has trained more than 5000 people all over the world. He has written many articles/blogs over a period of time which has been appreciated for its content and TRUTH. Bharat is a CMT, CFTe and MSTA. He has been awarded MFTA from the prestigious IFTA (USA), for his works on RSI. He has been closely involved in trading stock and commodities since 2006. RSI PART IV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mqeul..
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Text Comments (19)
Soumen Mondal (1 month ago)
You are awesome.
Emon Bagchi (1 month ago)
Very true and eye opener video...
Madhurya Chafekar (1 month ago)
Bharat Sir you are doing wonderful job.....Thanks for all the Information..
Banty King (1 month ago)
Sir app ke baja se trading me loss nehi hota hai... Thank you sir Or rsi ka neya video layiye Thank 🙏💕 sir
Rishikesh Chougale (1 month ago)
Ky aap VM ke class ki baat kr rahe hai?
MASTER TREDER (1 month ago)
सर आपणे बिलकुल सही बोला मे ये galati नाही करुंगा👍👍👍
mohit sona (1 month ago)
Sir u r great person thanks for information it's my passion
Lakshminrn seth (1 month ago)
Your views is near truth in my opinion.
animesh saha (1 month ago)
Please suggest who have 1 to 3 lakh. How will they invest?
animesh saha (1 month ago)
You are honest
ramjan Khan (1 month ago)
jitendra Vasoya (1 month ago)
Dhanyvad sir
Shyam Tripathi (1 month ago)
बहुत बढ़िया सर ।।💐💐💐
Soumen Mondal (1 month ago)
Sir, sector analysis kaise kore?
Sandeep Saha (1 month ago)
genuine advice.
Satish Deshmukh (1 month ago)
Sir please make a video on how to do sector wise analysis ?????
chinmay padhi (1 month ago)
Really sir make a video on this it's important
ASHUTOSH KUMAR (1 month ago)
very help full advice ... how i give thanks ....
Sai Parekh (1 month ago)
When will you make video on below :- 1) BB and ADX setup. 2) ATR brief video session like ADX Setup. This request is pending from long time. 🙏

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