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Smooth on mesh object / Rhino3d

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Box - ExtrudeFace - Mesh -WeldVertices - Smooth (many times)
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Rover Waters (2 months ago)
erase this old shit
Flavio Bevilacqua (3 months ago)
Dear Sanghoon Yoon. Excellent tutorial, but I have some troubles since the beginning. Can I ask how you have done the initial subdivisions in the cube (solid)? I mean those that appear in blue and red lines. I can't see the result of the implementation of the command "Polygon Mesh Detailed Options", I can only see diagonals. Even if I transform the solid into NURBS, I only see a couple of diagonals. So, Thanks in advance, and sorry for asking a beginner question.
sujan ray (11 months ago)
Sir how to design this cad using rihno, please provide some simple example of this type of cad "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PedP2DiJWc&feature=youtu.be"
Sayan Kabzhalelov (11 months ago)
10 seconds to the video and I already failed... How do you manage to make rectangle divisions? I only get two diagonal lines. Can anyone explain?
Fernanda Velasco (9 months ago)
try with mesh box command , I had the same problem.
Sanghoon Yoon (10 months ago)
Try to make mesh without 'Simple plane' and set 'Maximum Edge Lenght'
Aaron Jasso (1 year ago)
I wasnt be able to understand what is actually happening here. I tried for a while, but no results.
Ex Machine (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Justin Bucher (3 years ago)
Great tutorial! Thanks for posting.
Martin Schmitt (3 years ago)
sorry, don't know why the most important part in my comment a few minutes ago got a linethrough...
Martin Schmitt (3 years ago)
headaches too... but solved it: -> be sure your object is a closed polysurface (not a closed extrusion since the custom meshing won't work) -> run the "_Mesh" command, check "jagged seems", adjust the density -> select the mesh, run the "*Smooth" command at factor "1" (-> the magic is the "*" !! This will REPEAT the smooth command everytime you hit "OK" or continuously hold the "ENTER" key.... apparently there is also a script to repeat the last command, don't know how it's done in the video) -> run "_WeldVertices" to smooth out the edges
mmctuner (1 year ago)
two right clicks repeat the last command in Rhino.
Loren Li (3 years ago)
I have been trying for 3 hours and still cannot do it. Explanation PLEASE!
Konstantinos Fakinos (4 years ago)
thank you for this tutorial! i have one question, at first when i make the cube and click the mesh from surface it does not make this grid but only 2 diagonal lines on top and bottom surface (only if i click explode first it makes it) but in your video you do it without the explode command. any suggestion? also why you click weld vertices? thanks!
Levent Aysan (4 years ago)
thank you for all lessons.
Georges Abou-Atme (5 years ago)
no explanations ... at least write the steps ...
Matthew Law (5 years ago)
i wonder how, i am so confused
monstercolorfun co (6 years ago)
whispering agains microphone hiss doesnt constitute great sound hun. you need to figure out a less noisy mic... OR you can get any program that analyses the hiss of the mic/tape/etc, and completely deletes it for the entire recording, like an audio denoise program... cool edit pro had a feature where you analyse the noise and de-esse it, it goes through the levels of sound that were a hiss and fades them out.
Visnja Vukicevic (6 years ago)
hm...it all good until 0:31 when U call smooth command.U set factor to 1 and???how U do more "smooth " to object?
Chad Knight (6 years ago)
Thanks for the silent film
Stuart Fingerhut (8 years ago)
@jimmyrotella "The Zebra command is one of a series of visual surface analysis commands. These commands use NURBS surface evaluation and rendering techniques to help you visually analyze surface smoothness, curvature, and other important properties."
Stuart Fingerhut (8 years ago)
awesome. thank you for sharing.
jimmyrotella (8 years ago)
what's the zebra stripes ultimate meaning?

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