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How to Fix Missing Tick-Marks in Excel Surface Plots XYZ Mesh

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This video explains in detail how to fix missing data points and tick marks inside Microsoft Excel’s Surface Plots. In this video we use two methods. One uses custom made formulas to created fillers within the missing data points and the other uses a third party application, XYZ Mesh. XYZ Mesh is a software specifically created to convert XYZ data into a MESH format specifically used by Microsoft Excel. XYZ Mesh also comes with ‘theoretical points’ which will automatically fill in any missing data points that may not plot inside Microsoft Excel. XYZ Mesh Webpage: http://www.graytechnical.com/software/xyz_mesh/ ------------------------- ------------------------- The formulas used in the video are listed below: ------------------------- One row: A = First Value B = Empty Gap C = Second Value B=(A+C)/2 ------------------------- Multiple Rows: AX = First Value With Row Number B = Empty Gap C = Empty Gap Row Count DX = Second Value With Row Number B=((D$X-A$X)/(C + 1))+AX -------------------------
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