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Art of Trading : Episode #1 - Minimum Requirement for Entry!

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OVERVIEW The “Art of Trading” (AoT) programme is designed for both professional and novice traders. Packed with tips, the ongoing content will shed valuable insights and nuggets of information that will: 1. Demystify Forex Trading for novice traders 2. Provide both novice and professional traders with new tips and ways they can profit from Forex Trading 3. Allow more experienced audience to see Forex Trading from a different perspective so that they can hone and sharpen their own trades TOPICS Topics covered will stem from audience demand (so do let us know what you want to hear more about!) as well as include favourites such as: - Required signal for entry - How to identify trends - The essential trader thought process ... and the list go on. As our subscriber base share more about the topics they are interested in, our trainer will develop the curriculum around it. IMPORTANT NOTE Do note that the programme is ad-hoc - we release it as and when there’s a new tip or new insights to share. So do subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you always get access to our content as well as updates.
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