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Options Trading Tutorial - Jonathan Rose Teaches Stock Options Trading

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Let me show the Correct Way to Trade Bond Futures FREE WEEK OF ACTIVE DAY TRADER activedaytrader.com/youfree Options Trading Examples often leave our position management lessons on stock options. In this Options Trading Tutorial Jonathan Rose of Active Day Trader walks you through an options trading example, that an options trading for beginners should learn and understand. options trading strategies stock market
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Matt Kelly (3 months ago)
First I learned of this strategy was from you, totally makes sense and is an excellent strategy to manage your position for max profits.
Koji seat (4 months ago)
very nice option strategies, god bless
Jonathan Rose (4 months ago)
That's very nice, thank you.
Rudy Oglesby (4 months ago)
this is great info.can this method be preform on an IRA acc't
Duane Heverly (4 months ago)
Jonathan Rose (4 months ago)
It's extremely effective on the put side because you can buy stock in your IRA. When you're long calls you obviously can not sell stock. In this situation, you should strongly consider selling upside calls if you're looking to reduce risk or just cover your position.

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