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Taurus the new generation of EA Robot Forex Trading Part 1, The most Successful EA Forex Robot

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Text Comments (34)
Công Minh Trần (7 months ago)
how to own the meta4 system
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
Please send us an email to [email protected]
mainor morrillbr (7 months ago)
Incredible resutls bro... OMG , you are the best , Taurus saved my life !
denhart coomerbo (7 months ago)
ForexProfi never disappointed me with his systems, keep up the good work John . Taurus is great thanks for that
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
tin tin (7 months ago)
Do I need to sit in front of the computer, during taurus trades will be copied ?
breece cornerbl (7 months ago)
How can I buy the System ?
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
You can not buy we just connect your meta4 to Taurus Meta4 ,  that way yu will copy all Taurus trades, send an email to  [email protected]
mellott corlettkv (7 months ago)
Using Tauro EA since 2 weeks, recovered my losses
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
Yes, it's better if you use VPS.
tin tin (7 months ago)
Shall we use VPS server for copy taurus trades ?
mccreight nathansonks (7 months ago)
Constanly profit with Taurus for me, god bless to forexprofi
cobbins cloningerks (7 months ago)
Taurus have always winning trades for me in the past 5 days, before i had only few lost trades. Good EA Robot, Joshua Florida
gingerich cirilloks (7 months ago)
540,- usd forex profit with Taurus, good work
mealey clabaughkr (7 months ago)
I have both systems, amadeus and taurus, must tell i am very satisfied with both of them
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
You can get amadeus and taurus ea service if you deposit $600 !
which system is best dear if i will deposit 600usd
room notokp (7 months ago)
wf, this system making money, unbelivable, finally .... John you are my God
sunny dhillon (7 months ago)
I've asked this question many times to forex pro fi as well as others, Does anyone know how I join if I am from Canada ?
firestormrider2020 (7 months ago)
Yup.Even if you're from Canada you still can join and start using this robot.All you need is a good reliable broker that accepts Canadian traders and install the robot onto the platform.I'd advise you to test the waters first and only invest a small amount of money so you can make up your mind later.
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
We have answered this question many many times, yes you can join!
thigpen sorianona (7 months ago)
After Amadeus I follow Taurus as well, both of them are great, for me Taurus makes more trades.
risley bohnmo (7 months ago)
Taurus produce many winning trades for me every day , hope it will continue for the future too .
dennard mundymo (7 months ago)
The best idea I ever had to follow this Robot
hecker bilodeaumi (7 months ago)
Taurus making me constant profit with 0.5 lots and 1 :200 leverage, cheers all taurus members.
Bryan Berson (5 months ago)
hecker bilodeaumi still making profit using Taurus?
gerace joinerma (7 months ago)
Amazing System, keep up the good work .
barbara lemonsho (7 months ago)
Taurus makes me many daily trades, most of them with wins , good decision from me to have joined :)
fleischmann lindbergho (7 months ago)
I have never thought a robot can make for me a profit of 3000,- in 1 week from 1000 USD deposit , ForexProfi you are the best ever.
spertzel joaquinahi (7 months ago)
Can I buy Taurus ?
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
You can follow only Taurus EA Robot trades, we will connect  your meta4 system to Taurus EA !
broome windhamhi (7 months ago)
Is Taurus better than Amadeus EA ?
Profi Signals (7 months ago)
Both Robots produce high success trades!
boatenhager candidahi (7 months ago)
For me Taurus made my dreams too :) thank you so much

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