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Beginner Guide to Investing Forex Trading Currency Trading - MAKE THOUSANDS

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thats if you were to buy and sell straight away, think of it as the markets commission.
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Does anyone here know a trade manager named Mr Graham Robinson, i have been hearing a lot about him and his great strategies in trading. i am thinking on investing with him, i just want to be sure i am making the right choice.
Leonardo Coppel (2 months ago)
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Gerald Blake (2 months ago)
Lucy, You can reach out to Mr Graham by sending him a mail to {[email protected] gmail com}
Lucy Bell (2 months ago)
How do i reach out to Mr Graham from the UK.. i really want to venture into Forex trading!!!
Alonso Diego (2 months ago)
+Gerald Blake Thanks for the information dear
Gerald Blake (2 months ago)
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Ngundej Kassim (2 months ago)
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I will like your trader to help me out, since you are certified that your trader is legit. Can you set me up?
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Pls I need you to connect
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William Daw (2 months ago)
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William Daw (2 months ago)
Would like to say a big thank you to one of your Admins in the person of Mr Keith Rooker. 6 months working with Mr Keith just ended a week ago its safe to say he's actually one of the best at this. Trading forex and binary options has never been better thank you Mr Keith for a job well done.
Connor Claydon (2 months ago)
Great video but the pip is important because that’s the difference you have to make up when trading, you can get caught out with some filthy pips and then it has to climb massively to break even
Nomfundo Mabaso (2 months ago)
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