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3 Requirements For A Confirmed Breakout - Footprint Chart Trading | Axia Futures

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Buy the Footprint Trading Course here: https://AxiaFutures.com/course/The-Footprint-Edge-Course/?af_id=6 Brannigan reviews a breakout trade in the WTI Oil futures market on 17 December 2018 with a lesson on the 3 requirements for a confirmed breakout, and how they appear on the footprint chart. Together, the three requirements for a confirmed breakout can also be referred to as a 'confirmed close'. These three requirements are: 1. Increased Volume 2. Change in Net Delta 3. Price Response Brannigan uses the 60 minute rotations on the footprint chart to show how aggressive selling into the lows equally bought back up, with sellers later stepping in again and generating lower highs. Although the confirmed close occurred during the early hours of the morning and was unlikely to be captured by day traders, the market came back to give another opportunity to enter the move after an aggressive bid up against the trend was absorbed by sellers. Learn more about our 8-Week Career Trading Course and get 3 Mentored Trading Lessons FREE: https://AxiaFutures.com/lp/Career-Trading-Course/?af_id=6 Gain access to more than 50 streams like this per month with professional traders. That's a total of over 1500 mins at £60 per month, equaling just £1.20 per stream. Sign up now and get a free 2-week trial: https://AxiaFutures.com/Membership-Account/Membership-Checkout/?level=1/?af_id=6 All of our traders use TT for fast and efficient execution on the DOM. Try the TT platform free for 4 weeks: https://www.TradingTechnologies.com/try-tt/?utm_custom=axia Axia Futures engages in Developing World Class Traders Globally. Follow us at: Website: https://www.AxiaFutures.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AxiaFutures/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AxiaFutures Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AxiaFutures/
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