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MODO | Mesh Fusion Basics: Part One

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In this introductory video, Ed covers the basics of working with Mesh Fusion.
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Text Comments (32)
Marc Straub (29 days ago)
I'm for getting rid of that loud noise at the beginning of the video. Otherwise, great video.
CGPacifica (5 months ago)
Really cool. But is there any way to make it so the resulting mesh is quads and not triangles?
pixelfondue (5 months ago)
The resulting mesh will be mostly quads. the preview mesh is all triangles.
Pritam Mandal (10 months ago)
i am not getting the "new fusion with selected meshes" button in the New fusion menu.
Pigumon (1 year ago)
Clear and concise. Thank you very much. BTW Modo 12 now has as default button “role & apply”.
Steven Shorten (1 year ago)
At 3:17 how did your items all stay visible shaded objects even if they weren't selected? When I select only the little cube to move it the others turn into a black wireframe.
Steven Shorten (1 year ago)
Awesome thanks Ed!
pixelfondue (1 year ago)
change your inactive meshes display properties in the viewport display options. (little gear icon)
NollywoodStudio (1 year ago)
Excellent, I love, mille merci !
K J (1 year ago)
As far as 3d design... I am changing to Modo... so tired of the Autodesk Maya
hefeelslikeivan (1 year ago)
I had assumed the video would show how you made the mesh represented in the video thumbnail.
Claudio Ciseria (1 year ago)
Hi. Thanks a lot for this. Can you tell me how to show the quick pie menu?
Sthe Norzk (1 year ago)
thanks! w8 for the next part))
X-Tech Gam!nG (2 years ago)
Why always the Qbic presets for these tutorials... Why not make/use some meshes from scratch, for a far more realistic demonstration -_- Like, who's using these presets to actually make anything? "...when learning mesh fusion the best thing you can do is create some geometry..." Also to note is that edge-weighting is not yet supported with fusion meshes, AFAIK.
X-Tech Gam!nG (2 years ago)
Well, for starters, this (~)exact Qbic preset tutorial has been done before already by others... And I'd say showing how to make an actual production mesh(a manhole, rubix cube, swiss cheese, etc) is always a better approach than some random garble of preset cubes & capsules. He could have at least made the mesh shown in the video thumbnail. :)
X-Tech Gam!nG (2 years ago)
Showing how to use custom meshes, with Mesh Fusion. If you look at a Qbic preset, it's a fairly confusing object/mesh...but of course is the easier way to go about showing off Mesh Fusion in a quick, bland tutorial, I suppose.
tao tian (2 years ago)
Hello, Ed Thank you very much for your video. I have a question to ask you. I would like to know the placement function of the fusion QBIC presets panel(0:36-1:16), because when I add an object, I can't scale it.
Sasori Tobi (1 year ago)
https://gumroad.com/vling intro to modo, it's free
Sasori Tobi (1 year ago)
is that the scale tool? press R for scale
pixelfondue (2 years ago)
Hi Tao Tian, I'll cover that in the next video.
Neil Maclachlan (2 years ago)
Excellent tutorial.......much needed! When will the next one on strips be available? Are you there yet......are you there yet?
Yonder Observer (2 years ago)
ED, Thanks in advance for doing this! Looking forward to this series and learning from them. Much appreciated!!
David Brinnen (2 years ago)
Thank you, great start. Looking forwards to the strips section. Hopefully you might also cover how to deal with the UVing of mesh fusion objects. With standard modeling, knowing that I have to UV whatever I make, I can model with that in mind and make life easier for myself. But with mesh fusion (at the mercy of an automated geometry creation process) sometimes resulting geometry can present some UVing annoyances - particularly so with the strips for me.
Mike James (2 years ago)
Thanks, Ed!
Nan Fredman (2 years ago)
Thank you! Looking forward to more on mesh fusion.
shie413 (2 years ago)
great introductory video. thanks
mrdol (2 years ago)
YES! finaly a tutorial on this. Thank you
smicha7 (2 years ago)
Great. BTW Could you please record of video with the GoZ plugin - I cannot get it work in both directions.
Pete Paterson (2 years ago)
Nice addition. Very clear :)
pixelfondue (2 years ago)
Cheers Peter! Thanks very much!
Sir Meowingtons (2 years ago)
What hardware are you using? I've never gotten MF to update that smoothly in real-time. Maybe it's just an Indie version problem though...
pixelfondue (2 years ago)
Hi Sir Meowington5! I did just build a custom PC a couple weeks ago, but prior to that I was using a MacBook Pro and was able to do some really complex Mesh Fusion stuff on it. I haven't had the opportunity to use MODO Indie yet. If you're experiencing performance issues with basic QBic meshes, you should let the devs at Foundry know about it. They're very responsive and I know they're committed to improving Mesh Fusion and making it more Awesome. As for my custom PC, I went a bit overkill. It's an i7-6850k (6 cores) with 128 Gigs of Ram. I've overclocked it, with mixed results. I settled on an overclock of only 4 GHz, which it should have been able to handle easily...but it's a bit unstable. I didn't exactly hit the Silicon Lottery jackpot.

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