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Blender Model Tutorial Polygon reduction

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Some simple examples of how to remove polygons and simplify a model mesh in Blender. This is helpful if you have a polygon limit and the model is over it or if you wish to simplify a model before adding a UV map.
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Text Comments (53)
Mete (1 year ago)
PanderGamer (7 months ago)
Xflesh (1 month ago)
this is lit, i somehow have over 10 million vertices, over 10 million faces and over 20 million triangles so hopefully this will help
Elven H (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for this, still helpful in 2019, I am working on alot high end models at the moment and the poly count is way too high for importing into my game!
noa (2 months ago)
i did this for performance sake
xx Vampyrikat (3 months ago)
Wow you didn't even say where I can get the tools that says addModifier
TechyBen (3 months ago)
Blenders UI is totally different now.
Ma Ye (5 months ago)
ShoopDaWoot (5 months ago)
i love you and thank you my good sir
Main Lane (5 months ago)
yeah I'm not going to do the by hand method with 9,800 triangles.
gNightrow (6 months ago)
How would you texture triangles ?
ZeeC (8 months ago)
I want to increase polygons in a cylinder.
Dominic (11 months ago)
Thank you so much
Hellish Hybrid (11 months ago)
"I prefer to edit my models by hand" The model I'm trying to edit has 600,000 polys. So yeah, you can blow it out yer ass with that.
TechyBen (11 months ago)
Did I say for a 6mil poly model? XD This was mainly for KSP modding, back when I don't even think the engine supported that kind of poly number. Plus, video is 5 years old. In PC performance that is an eternity and now we can do like 4 times or more the workload (even when I made the video, you could do millions of polys in a render, which I am in no way qualified to do :P ).
Filip Stojanovic (11 months ago)
Nice vid, i had a massive model i downloaded from somewhere tho... about 10x more complex than any other i had in my game.. i jsut used the modifier
MizukiUkitake (11 months ago)
Thank you so much, this is super helpful! I'm working on my first game, and for simplicity I want everything to be low poly. Free low poly assets are surprisingly hard to find, since everyone always wants everything to be realistic :P
KennyKyle (1 year ago)
luv u
mik iommi (1 year ago)
thanks bro, like bro
Seavia (1 year ago)
Wow, that little modifier helped me. thanks!
Fantom MC2 (1 year ago)
THANKS SO MUCH! this really helped me out a lot for a model!
Roadhog360 (1 year ago)
Followed what you did exactly but when I drag together the points it doesn't work. It just pops back to where it was.
Really helpful tutorial on how to do that without Decimate modifier - exactly what I was looking for! Thanks man!
Ryad Arlan (1 year ago)
Remove the face/s and fill hole for flat sections
KennyKyle (1 year ago)
how ?
Aniket malik (1 year ago)
very good dude
Finnegan Brennan-Böhm (2 years ago)
I am having troubles. When I insert my obj the cylinder option and many others disappear. Anyone know how to fix this?
martis martiis (2 years ago)
so the only way to do it is by hand -_-
martis martiis (1 year ago)
well when you're doing voxel models you have to correct most corners and there are a lot of corners
you implying that you don't want to do it by hand
you implying that you don't want to do it by hand
Andreh Braga (2 years ago)
How did you joined the vertices like 1:57 ?
Le Great Fusilli (2 years ago)
What button did you press to select all the points
Barna Bálint (2 years ago)
My game engine is Super Mario 64 DS and I only needed the first step pretty much thanks for the tutorial :3
Mechaghostman2 (2 years ago)
Thanks, this helped a lot! Managed to take a Sculptris model with over 100,000 polys and reduce it down to about 20,000, with the decimate modifier. Everything still looks nice, and I can now attach the bones to the mesh. :)
Drawn Out Beats (3 months ago)
Dude I went from 400,000 in my sculpture, to 41,000, then to 18,000 when i did it again
Igor Wurm (2 years ago)
WTF? I have 2 million triangles reducing to 1. You expect people doing that by hand? o_O
Artisan (2 years ago)
that and answering nothing is the same. say this is for simple thing.
TechyBen (2 years ago)
Why do you have 2 million triangles? Blender will do some reduction by hand. This tutorial was made very early in mod production for KSP. Since then the game and engine has progressed and much more complex models are possible, so some hand modelling will of cause not be the best method anymore.
John Michael Stock (3 years ago)
How do you remove *completely* unneeded triangles, not just "thats near enough" as in this video?. Decimate is just an illusion as the triangles show up in a game engine.
Tiago Silva Pereira (2 years ago)
If you use Decimate and export the object, the exported mesh has only the faces showed in the Decimate mode :D
Rossuklv * (3 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Joe The Space Guy (3 years ago)
Thanks :)
Broughtvulture (3 years ago)
Very satisfying, would rate this 10 vertices out of 1.
Bnjmo Med (3 years ago)
Thank you!
TheBestEpicProGamer (4 years ago)
I know your voice from the unity tutorials, I love your accent :D
antuan734 (4 years ago)
I am confused. You are "removing" triangles...by making more tri's? I have been using "Tri's to quads"  via EDIT/Mesh/Faces/Tri's to quads. Then do "Remove Doubles" (verticies). This method works, but I am still not getting the full triangle reduction I am looking for. (This can take approx 1/2 of the face triangles out).  I still need to have less for overall end product.
TruuuthFinder (5 years ago)
Excellent! this is absolute key to using blender for animations!! well done for this tutorial
TechyBen (5 years ago)
I think you can still remove doubles if the edge split is applied. I tend to leave it as a modifier and don't apply, but keep it active.
GenaTrius (5 years ago)
It seems I had applied an Edge Split before I tried playing with the vertices.
TechyBen (5 years ago)
I am not sure. Perhaps try "Mesh Tools:Remove doubles" then try editing. Or it may be an option to rip/break that is enabled?
GenaTrius (5 years ago)
I can't move and automerge vertices without putting holes in my mesh. What option have I accidentally clicked this time?

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