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Curly Sew In

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Full Head Sew-in using Janet Collection Indian Human Hair...........www.linnalove.etsy.com
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linapooh (7 years ago)
@yeahURR it was 14 inchees I used like a bag and a half
linapooh (7 years ago)
@jazzychick98 Thank you chica this was Water Deep Wave hair by Janet Collection (sorry I'm super late though I responded before)
linapooh (7 years ago)
this hair was 14 inches
linapooh (8 years ago)
I am seriously trying to figure out th "right way" so am I to write it in the tag part? And like I said before if I offended you you can remove the vid and I do appologize no harm intended I honestly didn't know that leaving a vid response was improper.
linapooh (8 years ago)
@mrmrssession: it's just a way for people to see my page not taking away from your work I hope u didnt take it that way. there is no need to be feisty, Im new to doing youtube video's and someone told me that doing video responses was a way to share them if u want to remove it you can if I offended you

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