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Simply scalping EURUSD M30, H1 forex trading system strategy with parabolic SAR, MA channel, MT4,MT5

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The Only Forex System You'll Ever Need! The Only Forex Course You'll Ever Need! Hi Traders, The new Forex Daily Trading System Outperforms Everything! http://bit.ly/ForexTradingSystems2019 ...it Combines well OVER 38 Strategies. ...includes Over 38 Indicator and templates. ...comes with EASY to Understand, STEP-BY-STEP Instructions. ...was developed by one of the best FX traders ever. They call him "The World's Best FX Coach". Get all the details here: http://bit.ly/ForexTradingSystems2019 Best regards, Hello all, this is a very Simply scalping EURUSD for timeframe M30, H1 forex trading system strategy with parabolic SAR and smoothed moving average channel on MT4, MT5 mobile, and desktop platform. Test backtest and analyze with a demo account before take a live trade. Good luck.
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Neurotic Trader (1 month ago)
Just found your page and oddly enough i just set up a chart with momentum indicator in mt4 with a moving average overlaid looking at the crossovers for entry and exits. still need to look into it more. Also, off topic do you have myfxbook i would be interested to see your stats. thanks again
Neurotic Trader (1 month ago)
+Forex4Newbies Thank you for your reply. Yes i am very cautious now been at it 3 years learning back and forth with live and demo. But i will back test this strategy with demo and see how it goes. Thanks love your videos.
Forex4Newbies (1 month ago)
Thanks for watch my channel, many systems here I backtested for longtime and some systems I used on real account and take profit with them as well. Usually I trade with price action strategy. If you interested in any strategy, south backtest and run on demo account. Then you can adjust some value to fit with your chart, trade with good money management and risk reward, you will success in the forex market.

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