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Day Trading Requirements - How much money do I need to start?

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Day Trading Requirements - How much money do I need to start? If you have ever wondered what the requirements were to start trading then you have come to the right place. We wanted to do this video since many people were asking us exactly about the day trading requirements and how much money do I need to start. The first thing that you need to think about is a strategy to trade with. The important to understand here is that you can learn on your own. You don't need to pay $10,000 for education you can learn 100% on your own. The only thing to understand is that there is a lot of information online that isn't reliable. So it will take you more time to go through the information and decide what is the good and information and what isn't. Strategies can cost anywhere from a $5 book or a $10,000 personal one on one training program. Keep in mind that this is one of the key day trading requirements. After your strategy we need to find a good trading platform. This also depends on the markets that a trader will be operating in. While there are some free trading platforms one thing to understand is that there isn't anything in life that is free. Many times a free trading platform will include higher commissions and fees for withdrawing money, among others. The key to finding a good platform is make sure that you can pay for a lifetime license instead of paying monthly. There are still a lot of trading platforms that want to charge monthly fees which isn't necessary. Continuing with our day trading requirements and how much money do I need to start trading.... a reliable internet connection will be key. Internet does not need to be high speed, the minimum required is 1 MB dowbload and .50 upload. A speedtest can be done at http://speakeasy.net One may also look for a 4g mobile broadband connection. The next thing to consider is going to be a computer. A laptop would be recommended. A top notch $5,000 computer is not necessary. Most laptops and even computers have enough advanced tech and will be more than sufficient to start your endeavor trading. A $500 refurbished computer is more than enough. Standard processing power, HD space, and a 17inch is sufficient. When thinking about the day trading requirements and How much money do I need to start these are the most important things to consider. Get the free day trading guide at: http://bit.ly/dtatrade Don't forget to subscribe http://trdr.ly/dtasubscribe Also learn how we day trading and traveling around the world for the last six years at http://wanderingtrader.com. Our WanderingTrader sister site.
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Text Comments (132)
Daniel Ciancio (12 days ago)
There's only people in 5 countries that can afford laptops apparently haha.
Ken James Jr (1 month ago)
When you click "Buy", how quickly is it executed??
rishi sirju (1 month ago)
I love your spirit bro.
John Sm (1 month ago)
Do not pay anyone to teach you how to trade, unless they were bank traders, or institutional traders or market makers but legit. Someone you can call that financial institution and ask if that person worked there. Otherwise the people like this guy in the video, do not pay a dollar for it. He is selling his course and software that's it. You can learn trading forex or any trading securities on the internet. It takes time and discipline but you can do it. The only two legit traders that worked for financial institutions that i know of are Lex Van Dam and Anton Kreil. You can actually find which companies they worked for. All the others can't seem to find them being legit.
Michael Davis (2 months ago)
Why are there so many day trader academies ? Really?
Nallasivan Sankaran (3 months ago)
could you please explain what is the minimum $ 25,000 rule which you showed in the video at 3.04
Day Trading Academy (2 months ago)
It's called the pattern day trade rule (applies only to stocks)
Moncef Abbad (5 months ago)
Western..Australia, are you a moron?
Pickled Productions (6 months ago)
@Day Trading Academy what program or website do i use to watch the markets to day trade?
Harry D (6 months ago)
Lol, I dont even remember what a check looks like. Thanks for the info
DesecratedReaper (7 months ago)
I can play DotA but not trade? Scratches head
Batt Dogan (7 months ago)
can some light me up please, do I have to have 25,00k on my account to be able to do day trading? Can't you just start with 500-1k? Thank you
B Pittman (8 months ago)
Have you heard of CMC Markets? They have a so called state of the art award winning platform??? Anyone here ever use them as a broker?
HGT (9 months ago)
I lost 8k my first day
EriPages (1 month ago)
Lmao My brother....did you recover and net profit since?
Day Trading Academy (9 months ago)
A. Oreal (10 months ago)
Great honest info! Thanks dude!
maria thiede (10 months ago)
You can trade on your phone too
Y H (11 months ago)
Would you talk about a margin account?
bed and breakfast fan (1 year ago)
It would be good to have a video addressing a realistic scenario of someone deciding to day trade full time. You have your startup costs to actually trade, but how much runway should you have for living expenses, possible bankroll for downtrends/bad days/weeks etc. How do you determine the ratio of allocating your earnings (increase your trading bankroll vs cash out for expenses/savings). Obviously trading full time is not realistic for everyone, but the more prepared someone is the better their chances of making it a viable income source.
mike rega (1 year ago)
Take what you need and leave the rest. All of us take information and use it to try and get better at trading but you get negative people. Most of it really sounds like jealousy. He is talking about his strategy. He is sharing his ideas. I say thanks for sharing and taking time to do so.
Noe Cazares (1 year ago)
The last part of the video was my key to watch out. Character tells you if you can trust someone.
khorgeswar basumatary (1 year ago)
how much do you earn per day bro....
Kuldoxy (1 year ago)
Xavier Williams (1 year ago)
Thank you so much...this help out
Abner Bryan (1 year ago)
Made a bunch of dollars trading with MR MICHEAL, for more details contact him via gmail: [email protected] .com
John Smith (1 year ago)
Do not try and trade futures with less that $10,000. you simply can not practice risk management properly.
English At A Distance (1 year ago)
Wow! That’s ripping people off TD has TOS reading charts and it’s a deposit of $50 and you can use other brokers for unlimited DT like ustock or suretrader but don’t pay monthly for someone else’s charts
samuel draper (1 year ago)
I started with 170 to mess around with and turned it into 210 in 2 days
Prophet Tickets (1 year ago)
Help please: I don't understand the part about buying or leasing a 'platform' like Ninja Trader. Why wouldn't one just use a site like E*Trade, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Merrill Edge, etc?? Don't all of those 'websites' basically provide you with a platform to execute all your trades? Am I missing something? Thank you!
mortadha ben (5 months ago)
ninjatrader is professional not like what you've said if you don't know anything about it search about superdom of ninjatrader you will understand what is the difference betwin professional platform and a eating money machine :-D
Russell Petrie (1 year ago)
thank you for your advice getting started
Hiro Nakae (1 year ago)
2:48 DOGE!
CIA NIGGER (1 year ago)
Bro , the intro was super masculine but the music was gay af lmaoo
Bob Dole (1 year ago)
Can't understand why anyone would daytrade anything other then futures. SMALL commissions in and out, no requirements to daytrade almost 24/6 daytrading hours and next to no margin intraday
Bob Dole (1 year ago)
luis looey ok good luck the study hft will def help u forecast the market
luis looey (1 year ago)
bob dole many people state that you don't need that much to start, however it will be very hard. I'm confident I can start with that. For now I am still studying the market, HFT, algorithms, etc. I will be using what I learned like risk analysis, forecasting, etc in order to succeed. Thanks for a response doe and take care
Bob Dole (1 year ago)
luis looey well to day trade Reg stocks in and out you will need 25k minimum or be issued pdt fairly quickly 7k would serve you better in some ETF’s or just save and paper-trade till you are proficient over many months
luis looey (1 year ago)
bob dole thanks dude. I'm very new to this about to gwt my MBA this December 15 and my mind is thinking entrepreneur. I have 7k and I'm looking to spend it in day trading. I noticed I'm very good at forecasting so I believe I can use it toward my advantage . thanks
Bob Dole (1 year ago)
a futures contract is a standardized forward contract, to buy or sell something at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future, example are the Emini futures most often used for day trading and speculation. 1 tic = $12.50 4 tics equal 50 on the emini. LOT of practice and understanding before diving into this you should have acquired first though i must warn you.
johny Aragon (1 year ago)
how much is your trading school ?
Anthony Last (1 year ago)
Hey guys don't be fooled by anyone forex trading is a scam
mortadha ben (5 months ago)
yes you're right futures are better but need a good strategy, money management and especially an iron psychology
forhad karim (1 year ago)
For someone reason I don't believe this guy
antelope melancholy (1 year ago)
is it difficult to *day* trade as a vampire?
Tim spokes (8 months ago)
Not if you live in Australia
Noor Noor (1 year ago)
Thank you very much my dear friend this was very helpful
MrCharrrles (1 year ago)
you also need a ponytail
Day Trading Academy (9 months ago)
Don't hate the player hate the game
frootube (1 year ago)
12 gb ram lol
james ark (1 year ago)
Can I use, my smartphone only.....? I'm broke
Augustus Sobrinho (7 months ago)
james ark, yes you can. However a proper strategy must be applied
D H (1 year ago)
Jhugz (2 years ago)
So I don't need $25,000?
Marcell Seats (1 year ago)
VivaMessico lmao
Alison Quinn (1 year ago)
Jhugz use iq option, they let you start for £10
Karno (2 years ago)
Excellent video, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. Can you recommend a good brokerage acct to get started trading? Also, you recommended ninjatrader as a platform but I have a Mac and it seems ninja trader is not supported on a Mac. Do you have a runner-up platform suggestion?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
+Belly to Boss it's hard to compare another platform to nt because they have become the standard. Buy a small 500 dollar windows computer or get parallels
Karno (2 years ago)
Nevermind, I just found two of your videos that answered my question.
TGates (2 years ago)
Finally decided to take the next steps to start day trading. will checkout your online course. Do you also have a classroom course?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
+TGATES33 Yes we do get in contact with us at www.daytradingacademy.com
scythE (2 years ago)
Pretty humble house you're in for be a successful day trader.
Tony Droid (2 years ago)
Day Trading Academy that's small and your ​rented apartment has no furniture
scythE (2 years ago)
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
You should see the other 6 bedrooms.
Chicken Dinner (2 years ago)
what are the minimum net worth requirements to open a brokerage acct for futures with ninjatrader? I see they have 2 brokers they use but don't see those requirements
Mario Hennenberger (2 years ago)
You forgot to mention the 25-50k you will need in order to live off the trading
Eric Bee (27 days ago)
+OmegaYeetLord one year later and im still making that much a day off of OTC trades. Stay mad
carmineglitch (27 days ago)
Definitely, but I'm a year in and its not like that at all. You're going to lose money some days and some days you'll make way more than that.+Eric Bee
renzoelite (8 months ago)
Lingsbord are you talking stocks or forex?
OmegaYeetLord (1 year ago)
Eric Bee so your making at 10/20% gain which I call complete bullshit lol
Too Wun (2 years ago)
I have Google Fiber! 1 Gig Up and Down!!!! 🤡👍
Shannon Bailey (2 years ago)
what trading platform and broker would you recommend for beginners
Viq (1 year ago)
Shannon is cute
Damian Smikle (2 years ago)
Day Trading Academy with NinjaTrader?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
+D Smikle Yes you open an acct with $1,000
Damian Smikle (2 years ago)
Day Trading Academy how do you trade Futures with only $1,000. I thought margin requirements for futures were higher? If not, where can I sign up to trade futures with a $1,000 account balance. Let me know so I can check it out
Shannon Bailey (2 years ago)
i want to be able to trade penny stocks on a daily basis, ninjatrader doesn't offer that one. can you recommend another?
caveymoley (2 years ago)
How does one go about trading outside of "opening hours"? Would I need several platforms, one for the states, one for china, one for london etc have them all connected to the same cash account and then trade around the opening and closing of each time zone? I just don't get how only being able to access stocks and trading for 6 hours but then not knowing what is happening to them for the next 18 hours, allowing them to be subject to other counties fluctuations, and then coming back the next trading days open at drastically different prices than where they left off at at "yesterdays" closing, is remotely safe.
caveymoley (2 years ago)
right...so...what are you saying? Yes i would need to trade on different platforms depending on which country and timezone is open?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
The opening hours only refer to the stocks... not things like Futures and Forex. Those markets are open 24 hours a day.
Gabriel Lingan (2 years ago)
Can I use my Macbook for trading?
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
Yes you can but make sure the trading platform that you are going to use does support Macs.
KFC Manager_CX (2 years ago)
lmao this guy the majority of his money from the idiots that pay him to "learn" to daytrade... the market is simply a place to buy stock or sell it nothing more or less... there are no trends you cant predict when hedge funds will sell all their shares and plummit prices for that day!!
Day Trading Academy (9 months ago)
Yup even before DTA existed we were selling imaginary courses online. Did great with that as well.
Lyubomir Lalov (1 year ago)
Many thanks, I've been looking for "intraday trading basics pdf" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Fiyayla Tradify Planner - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got great success with it.
Cutting Edge Cool (2 years ago)
Great fundamental knowledge, that can be so elusive and hidden, Thank You for sharing.
Trader Trader (2 years ago)
Excuse me, Your name is Marcello right? and at the end of the video you said "Ciao". Now i am italian, so are you italian also?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day Trading Academy (9 months ago)
Technically half italian
Rdomenico86 (2 years ago)
Forget spending $1000 on Ninja Trader, Trading View is every bit as good, if not better and costs nothing!
Adrian Valle (1 year ago)
Does PDT rule apply?
Nik (1 year ago)
Rdomenico86 v
nqobile madziba (2 years ago)
do you guys have any schools in england ,zimbabwe or if online how much is it and where can one sighn up
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
We do most of our training online www.daytradingacademy.com
ConradJupiter77 (2 years ago)
why do you need 8gigs of ram to trade on a laptop?
ConradJupiter77 (2 years ago)
i run six screens on a desk top that only runs my trading platform all done on win7 and 4gig of ram . I have all the screens full of charts and it only uses up 2 gig of ram at the most.
Mario Hennenberger (2 years ago)
ConradJupiter77 if you want to quickly zapp trough charts to make a decition or get some price references by zoom out 200 fold, trust me, 8gig is nit much.
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
Most trading platforms require that. Also Windows 10 is a memory hog.
Lucero Barina (2 years ago)
Cartagena and seminar in beautiful places...great
SchwarzerFürst (2 years ago)
Can you give some advice on starting to trade stock markets ? Prop firms, nice platforms to practice (Unfortunately ninjatrader does not support trading stocks), and what to do when you do not have 25k to start. Thank you !
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
Have a look through our playlists we have done a ton of videos on those topics.
Assassin 404 (2 years ago)
is this education free on the website listed in the info section.
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
We plan on adding it very soon top the website.
Anderson Pozzebon (2 years ago)
Can I Day Trade E-mini S&P 500 in Brazil? Didn't find any information about it here
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
There are no "local brokers" you have to choose a broker in the USA or Europe to trade those markets.
Anderson Pozzebon (2 years ago)
+Day Trading Academy I couldn't find any broker here that provides the E-mini S&P 500, and it's beeing challenge for me
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
Yes you can trade it from anywhere in the world.
0x02 (2 years ago)
how come you guys don't take advantage of YouTube's ads.. start growing your channel! unless theirs a reason not too
Day Trading Academy (2 years ago)
We've grown organically not by paying for it.

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