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Learning how to trade zero experience, $25,000 trading requirement, taxes for traders #askmarcello

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Learning how to trade zero experience, $25,000 trading requirement, taxes for traders #askmarcello Get the free day trading guide at http://bit.ly/dtatrade Don't forget to subscribe http://trdr.ly/dtasubscribe Follow us on instagram: www.instagram.com/wanderingtrader Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/daytradingacademy Also, learn how we day trading and traveling around the world for the last six years at http://wanderingtrader.com. Our WanderingTrader sister site. Learning how to trade zero experience, $25,000 trading requirement, taxes for traders #askmarcello
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Clef Alanano (10 days ago)
Mr.Arrambide- how can retail traders still make profits if there are high frequency traders/robots?
Lise Marie Caron (2 months ago)
#marcello, you make good video's
CHEZZ NIP (1 year ago)
#askmarcello So there is no interest on Futures? In a earlier video you said we don't borrow money for future trading therefor we don't pay interest because we don't borrow money. Is this correct?
Joel Adell (1 year ago)
#askmarcello Hi I'm doing the Day Trader Academy course and it going slow because I work two jobs to get out of so much debt and to pay for the course. I'm in the immediate part and it has token me 9 and a half months so far. I'm doing this for sure but I get off track because of working two jobs. During the week I may work 3 or four days a week Monday thur Fridays 12 to 13 hours days not including travel time and Sunday and Sat 6 to 8 hour a day. I need a mentor to help me work with the time I have because the course will end soon and I won't be finished with the course. Can you talk to and recommend one of your instructors to help me please to mentor me. And when are you going to do a MTU in So. Calif preferably Pasadena lol. How will I know what you suggest for me
Hayden Harris (1 year ago)
Dear Sir Surly the graph is telling you whats happened using fancy lines but it cannot possibly be telling you what is going to happen next as every movement of flat up or down is determined by the total of ever changing trades from millions of traders using different strategies for different time periods and for different amounts of money oh and then just to make it harder you have to add the associated natural economy fluctuations, all in all the latter has an unknown and ongoing affect on the graph which makes it random to the trader. The combinations of momentary trade decisions plus associated natural economy fluctuations are infinitesimal and so the graph has to be random in its life style. regards Hayden
Thrice Mice (1 year ago)
Can someone day trade if they have filed bankruptcy?
Drew Gibson (10 months ago)
Yes anyone can day trade.
imvalentine (1 year ago)
Roberto...ha ha ha ha ha... thank-you roberto
sebastian corzo (1 year ago)
marcello if i go to colombia. how much is the curse there in colombian pesos?
teycir bensoltane (1 year ago)
How did you recover from the 90k in 12'loss on CL? You are a tough mofo :)
Mario Morales (1 year ago)
Great video! What kind of benefits can you talk about regarding filing as an LLC? And is that a hard process to do?
Roel Moreno (1 year ago)
Hey Marcello what's your email! To get in contact with you..
Nathaniel White (1 year ago)
thanks for asking my questions!
Avishek Paul (2 years ago)
ahmed kyakulu (2 years ago)
marcello -when are u coming to East Africa
James Edwards-Marche (2 years ago)
#ASKMARCELLO Thanks for such a well thought out answer Marcello! I'd like to dig deeper if you don't mind ;). I agree that the market is "painting a picture" rather than "telling us what to do" per se but many psychologists, and my own experience, have shown that this can be *perceived* that way and that this is one of the reasons we are susceptible to being stubborn in the face of that information. Can you share how you deal with yourself/the world when you feel like you are being stubborn and specific examples of when you don't like to be told what to do...? How do you deal with this? I think this could be useful for traders struggling with following their plan...thanks.
Maria Macrae (2 years ago)
Marcello! I love your bun you suit it....but your hairline though dude 🤔
Ben (2 years ago)
Thx so much Marcello for answering my tax question. I'm Thai (currently, based in L.A.). I'm pretty much a stock guy. That's why doing tax the right way is important for me. I've tried future a little bit and lost quite a bit. I think the reason is I tried it on Nadex (future spread), which doesn't have "Stop Order", for some reason. Also, I've experience the movement of future is more volatile than stock which makes it more difficult to read. I've just open account with Ninja Trader, hope this will be a more professional approach, when it comes to future trading. I'm considering become one of DTA academy, let me safe up enough money, first LOL....Again, .really appreciate your time..... ฺBTW, if u ever go to Thailand, please don't forget to do a video; since it is a popular hub for digital Normad; especially in Chiang Mai.
Paul Griller (2 years ago)
Top....once again!! THX.
Dolphin7777 (2 years ago)
#askmarcello is it worth trading with only $3000 or should I save up and practice more before I start trading?
ProjectElevateHD (2 years ago)
Holy shit bro, you've bulked up quite a bit since I've last watched your videos lol/ Good job with that.
Leo Castro (2 years ago)
Great channel! What platform do u want questions asked to? FB, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter? Or any?
saiyed saleem (2 years ago)
it's it true that we the retail trader are sheep and pigs to slaughter by bulls and bear? also are you a professional trader?
ProjectElevateHD (2 years ago)
Short answer - Yes. Once you understand how it's done - it's not hard to avoid entering the slaughterhouse. There ARE ways around it.

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