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Visualizing Java code bases (Andrey Adamovich, Consultant at Aestas/IT)

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Code lines are added at high speed? Too many developers? How do you see the big picture? What processes are going on with your large code base? This presentation will show how to leverage existing code analysis tools (Cloc, Structure101, SonarQube) and combine them with data storage (ElasticSearch, Neo4j) and visualization tools (Gource, D3, Inkscape, Kibana) to at least make some sense out of millions of code lines and their history. During his consulting work, author often meets unfamiliar and at the same time large Java code bases that need quick analysis and input for decision making. That’s where visualizations come to into play by helping mining important knowledge directly from the code statistics.
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Sergey Kovtunenko (1 year ago)
Slides for this talk: https://www.slideshare.net/aestasit/visualizing-java-code-bases-for-jeeconf-2017

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