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Landscape Backgrounds - v2 (UE4 Marketplace)

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https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/photoreal-background-mountains This pack contains 27 modular mountains and 11 full horizon (360 Degrees) mountains. Each setting has its own set of materials, splat maps, textures, normal maps. You can change textures, which is using a set of splat maps will allow you to drastically change the texture of the mountains under any surroundings and most precisely adapt background to the colors of your scene. Technical Details This pack contains: • 27 Modular Mountain Meshes.(Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) • 5 Alpine Mountain Meshes.(Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) - Full Horizon (360 Degrees). • 2 Afghan Mountain Meshes.- (Full Horizon (360 Degrees). • 1 Desert Dunes Meshes.- (Full Horizon (360 Degrees). • 3 Canyon Meshes.- (Full Horizon (360 Degrees). • Billboard Trees (Summer, Fall, Winter) • 12 Sample Scenes. Features: • New material system • New textures • Paintable Trees • High Polygon and Low polygon with the options. High Polygon: 60.000 Tris. Low Polygon: 15.000 Tris (for mobile) • 4 material for each mesh (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) • 11 High quality 4096*4096 Splat Map Textures for each mesh • 30 High quality tiled ground textures for SplatMaps (2048*2048 normal maps and Diffuse) • Adjustable size • New atmosphere settings • Easy installation on your landscapes • High Frame per Second (FPS)
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Text Comments (26)
Alex Dalgård (6 days ago)
Question?? The map you use as playable area. It's says it's supposed to be 2x2KM? Looks only 200mx200m if you ask me? Is the Backgrounds scalable to fit real scaled landscapes?
DK Buzzin (1 month ago)
Any plans to update to 4.22? Great work by the way! Stunning assets and free right now on the marketplace.
DK Buzzin (1 month ago)
It works for 4.22 just fine I just tried it, you just have to force add it to the engine
Kuldeep Mitra (2 months ago)
does it supports android platform?? and does it comes as terrain or as mesh.
Blue Mosque Designs (2 months ago)
Thank you for that great work! Your landscapes look awesome!
George (2 months ago)
Looks very realistic, great job
Harvey Nash (3 months ago)
Very nice, cheers
Süleyman Akbulut (3 months ago)
3 yıl sonra teşekkür ederim gökhan karadayı çok işime yarayacak..
Tech Game Live (4 months ago)
why is the character falling off the through the ground whenever I place him on the mountain ?? please someone help me
Mr Harrison (3 months ago)
Cus this all only illusion... Read better. This is only background and isn't landscape)
MrSoundMaxx (5 months ago)
I am about to start making a game that uses multiple servers to create a larger play field. When I drop this in can I place my playfield anywhere on the background? In other words if I create a 3 x 3 playfield. Each playfield is 1.5k. The way it would work with multiple servers is that each part is on a different server. I would pretty much want to create each playfield and put it on your backgrounds but only will need 2 sides at the most showing background.
Peter Tremblay (6 months ago)
A little bit expansive but if you pay me i might consider!
DavidtheKnome (6 months ago)
Way to Gö!
Nazzareno Giannelli (6 months ago)
Best thing given for free during this first November round in the Unreal Marketplace :) Thank you so much!
Llick_ 32 (8 months ago)
a question the project can be added to a project that you have already started?
Abdul's Gaming Empire (9 months ago)
Awesome Pack bought it when it was on sale for 4.19 really cool... a Must buy Pack..
chintan ahir (1 year ago)
I purchased your pack but in your earlier video there is grass & rocks assets included, which looks really great... but I can't find any grass or rock in this updated version... please include grass with some color variations.... thank you
Kenny Hobson (1 year ago)
what if your landscape is more then 2km?
Chris__ __ (1 year ago)
Just use the modular once. +Marvin Cruz that would mess up the whole scale of the backdrop and make it look horrible.
Marvin Cruz (1 year ago)
You could just probably scale the landscape bg accordingly too
Shoop da Whoop (2 years ago)
im new to 3d... how did you make those?
AndiSeli li (2 years ago)
Nicely done Gökhan..
Sinan Soyalıç (2 years ago)
I am proud of your art
emudshit (2 years ago)
all these terrains...they would sure look good in my game ;) hahaha
Fish (2 years ago)
It's so cool!

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