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In this tutorial ...I am going to tell.How you can project details from one mesh to another mesh.... ZBRUSH DETAIL PROJECTION METHOD(DYNAMESH TO TOPOLOGY MESH)_ZBRUSH TUTORIAL Supporting tutorials-- Dynamesh tutorials Part 1--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-Gj0lJ7g0k Part 2--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsibQAZp4Uk Zmodeler--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxMEfphMz3k Zremesher--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLFvtTfL0_c Hardsurface--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixxx82ZsnLk MORE ZBRUSH 4R7 TUTORIALS----- :) KEYSHOT BRIDGE--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKIqKp7n6dI ZMODELER WORKFLOW TUTORIAL--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlkgeRSOhDA PANELLOOP --https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMS_pkBqYDA ZMODELER TOPOLOGY METHOD--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_bgTLeLP34 NANOMESH--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_x_zGzzCM ARRAY TUTORIAL--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRT2lOaOWdM Thanks for watching, The CG3DANK Team Tutorials - Inspire - News SUBSCRIBE TO : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIwbxPPFqjz1VtNyIggGXg FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cg3dank-CG-Tutorials-more/305078613026471?ref=bookmarks BLOG : http://cg3dank.blogspot.in/
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Text Comments (67)
Pawas Saxena (10 days ago)
Nice and short, thanks!
Alex Faria (6 months ago)
the best! thank you, i don't understand audio english but this is helpfull Like (y)
mayur bhagat (10 months ago)
ty bhai
Please checkout cg3dankfun channel(www.youtube.com/cg3dankfun) also You can find many videos for fun and knowledge thanks for your comment
thanks to you mate:)
Zahid Iqbal (1 year ago)
U earnred a sub :)
Thanks bro :)
Zehra Asav (1 year ago)
thank you so much.. it really helped
Thanks to you mate :) See more in www.cg3dankfun.com
glewindesign (1 year ago)
Hey! Thanks so much for the video - it was very helpful! Beautiful model by the way man -very wel done! All the best.
Thanks to you mate.... :)
Richy Sigurssons (1 year ago)
dynamesh is must put it up the lower one? for projection procress?
Vanja Kapetanovic (1 year ago)
You ended up with another super high polygon mesh which can't be used for rigging and animation because it's way too dense. So what exactly is the purpose of this protocol ?
mayur bhagat (10 months ago)
yes i and also you cant create any maps like normal maps i z brush its really good idea to work on dynamesh and change back to sub lvl ty so hepl
Jonix (1 year ago)
Hi Vanja, the main reason behind zremeshing is to obtain a high quality model with better topology. There's a video called "ZRemesher: Ugly Topology Smack-down" which describes it fully
I can understand from your comment that you are confuse .No problem with that....First you need to make a topology of dynamesh mesh.Then uv the topology mesh and project the detail....understood?? I think now you can understand..... Thanks :)
Vanja Kapetanovic (1 year ago)
Ok that's the part that I didn't understand. Sorry, I am still little confused about it because you transfer detail to equally high poly model. When do you do your UV maps than, after you finish details ? I work in Cinema4D and we always make maps before sculpting not post. That's why I ask. Thanks for the reply.
Buddy it is just telling you the process how to do projection in ZBrush.Its not a topology tutorial.You can't Uv any dynamesh model easily so after doing your good topology you can transfer you detail of your dynamesh model to your nice topology model and can extract required maps like Displacement or Normal map easily for your production.I hope this answer will be helpful for you thanks .... :)
Michael Wanyoike (1 year ago)
You should use guides to help remesher create a proper topology. That way it's easier to preserve details around the eyes and other face areas when you perform projection
Thanks mate for your comment.This is Projection tutorial not the Zremesher tutorial.If you want to see zremesher tutorial.Please checkout in my channel. :D
Willa Costa (1 year ago)
Yeah! Thanks ;)
Thanks to you buddy... :)
davialfa (1 year ago)
I'm trying to send a character to 3dmax in lowpoly. I need to to this process to each subtool? Cause when I try this in a merged subtool the I had problems.
Thanks to you mate...Keep watching more tuts....You can see my website for more tutorials..... www.cg3dankfun.com
davialfa (1 year ago)
CG3DANK - CG and 3D tutorials - more!!!! Thanks a Lot! Your classes are Very helpfull and good.
Yes this projection you will have to do in every subtool.... :)
kings Letter (1 year ago)
very helpful.
Thanks mate
Davin Saputra (2 years ago)
after i have the retopologizing process, does that mean the model (the lower subdivision one) is ready for baking and rigging?
Buddy ....It is not necessary ..They give you clean result always .You will have to decide the result is coming is good for you...If it is not You will have to go for Manual topology.... :)
Davin Saputra (2 years ago)
CG3DANK - CG and 3D tutorials - more!!!! Does zremesher do the same clean job like 3dcoat auto retopologizing did? And how do those option compare with manual retoologizing?
+Davin Saputra Yes.. If you have done that correctly.... :)
Szymon Baran (2 years ago)
Awesome tutorials. Essential for people without 3D society in their traveling distance. I had a little problem with sound quality(was hard to watch and cook :D) but subtitles fix it all !! Keep up the good work mate :)
Hahah... Thanks mate...keep supporting...If you want can see my website also.Have more tutorials--- www.cg3dankfun.com
Darth kenobi (2 years ago)
So once retopo finished inside in zbrush. i can export the model to maya straight away start rigging or again i have to do retopo..
Yes ....You are correct... Nice tip.... :)
Szymon Baran (2 years ago)
Would be good to fix a mesh a bit at least ... Zremesher is awesome but in most cases (especialy gaming) not enough
Yes you are correct..You can directly import you retopo mesh in maya and start rigging.But you have to decide your retopo mesh is good enough for rigging or not.... :)for more tutorial. If you want,you can check out my website--- www.cg3dankfun.com . Thanks for you comment..... :)
Evil Weenie (2 years ago)
Hey, dude you have taught me so much. Thank you.
+Evil Weenie All the best mate... :)
Evil Weenie (2 years ago)
I will for sure. I'm already subscribed.
+Evil Weenie Thanks mate keep learning... you can watch more tuts in my channel.. If u want....
aendom (2 years ago)
Very nice tutorial, thank you!
+aendom thanks buddy.... :)
Artist Rahul (2 years ago)
What's your pc's configurations?
Artist Rahul (2 years ago)
Are you an Indian?
Artist Rahul (2 years ago)
Alright lol,
and Why should I mind..I proud to be indian.... :)
Hahah...You are correct...So support more... :D
Artist Rahul (2 years ago)
Never mind, I got that from your accent.
halafradrimx (2 years ago)
Wow amazing thanks!
Thanks to you bro... :)
Lew (2 years ago)
very cool,thanks!
VFX Ltd™ (2 years ago)
Can i use the project all detail when i am dynameshing? When i'm dynameshing, sometimes i lose all of the details. However, when i reproject the details there are holes in the mesh. Or is this method only useful when u are retoping? Any ideas?
Mauricio is correct in some extent...It depends,I don't know what thing you are sculpting.On which stage are you.Yes Mauricio said correct partly(You shouldn't be dynameshing if you are already working on details. Dynamesh helps when you want to create the form/mesh for whatever you want to sculpt. When the mesh is ready and you are ready to subdivide, you turn off dynamesh)For eg...You are working on detail like pores some definations.Yes you gonna lost it.You need to decide .Is it working for you or not.There is no rule book to use some technique in one way..If some technique is working for you that is good.If not then try to use another technique..As you saw in tutorial.It worked for me the detail I had in model.I projected that well...(In deep i also lost some detail.but I am fine with that).After that I can add more crisp details on it.You should do this one time .Don't do this again and again when you gave details.You shall come back where you have started.:D..It is not necessary everytime same technique work for you in every model.You need to brainstorm your method acc to model.You should try to do (If the mesh gets distorted while smoothing then you need to lower the intensity of the smooth Brush. Projecting not always works, specially if the mesh is way far different.).here Mauricio is correct.I would suggest you don't stick to one method..If it is not working for you.Try to find another one which works...... :) ......Write me again if have any other question... :)
VFX Ltd™ (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info, mauricio!
Mauricio Becerra (2 years ago)
If the mesh gets distorted while smoothing then you need to lower the intensity of the smooth Brush. Projecting not always works, specially if the mesh is way far different.
VFX Ltd™ (2 years ago)
I mean sometimes when i am wokring on the details, i tend to smooth the mesh out and sometimes it gets distorted abit. Because of this i thought i could dynamesh it, zremesh it and reproject details.. Using this method produces lots of artifacts or holes... My workflow is all over the place :(
Mauricio Becerra (2 years ago)
You shouldn't be dynameshing if you are already working on details. Dynamesh helps when you want to create the form/mesh for whatever you want to sculpt. When the mesh is ready and you are ready to subdivide, you turn off dynamesh.
CyberGolem (1 year ago)
Actually, you're speaking is fine. You're far more understandable than if I tried speaking in your native tongue. :D
ankit yadav (2 years ago)
the moment you said lakh i knew you are from india bhai
Haha...Sorry for disappointing you...I am South Asian from India.... :D :)
Ben -G (2 years ago)
LoL are you middle Eastern?

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