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Beyond the basics of SonarQube: improve your Java(Script) code even further

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(Recorded at Jfokus 2016. http://www.jfokus.com) Beyond the basics of SonarQube: improve your Java(Script) code even further SonarQube is (becoming) more or less the standard tool for managing Java code quality. Unfortunately most developers use it just as a replacement for separate Checkstyle, PMD and code coverage tools. SonarQube is capable of so much more than that, over time SonarQube will even replace the Checkstyle and PMD rulesets with their own ruleset. This presentation will explain a lot of the more advanced features and plugins SonarQube has to offer. The topics include: measuring coverage of a running Java application in an application server, JavaScript plugin, Pitest plugin, compare, measure, code review, hotspots, architectural constraints, package tangle index, PMD rules for unit test quality, incremental analyses and more. Johan Janssen, Info Support Johan is working as a Java architect and competence center Java lead at Info Support. He has been working for various demanding companies where rapidly delivering quality software was very important. Currently he is working in a DevOps team in a big financial institution in The Netherlands as Java architect. He likes sharing his knowledge about Java, continuous delivery, DevOps, software quality and numerous other subjects. Johan regularly writes articles and gives presentations about those subject for instance at JavaOne, JavaLand, JBCNConf, JavaCro, ConFESS and J-Fall.
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USONOFAV (7 months ago)
keep hearing "SonicQube"
Nicola Limongi (11 months ago)
19:32 jacoco coverage per test
Kaustubh Mishra (1 year ago)
how to increase java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
david jb (1 year ago)

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