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SonarQube Installation & Test Code Base - Part 1 | Static Tool Analyzer | Java & Maven Project

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This tutorial is made for the basic introduction of sonarqube. also included the step for installation in a windows machine and test a maven, java based project. A continuous inspection engine that finds vulnerabilities, bugs and code smells. Also tracks code complexity, unit test coverage and duplication. Supported languages: ABAP, Android , C, C++, CSS, Objective-C, COBOL, C#, Flex, Forms, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Natural, PHP, PL/SQL, Swift, Visual Basic 6, Web, XML, Python, Ruby, Go, Scala, Kotlin, Apex. This is a Static code Analyzer Tool and Open Source for Developer & Community Edition Please note: Binary Code Analysis Tool: Veracode Sonar comes with an embedded H2 database, by default. For quick setup and testing purpose, you may live with an embedded database. However, for production and real usage, one may want to use production-ready databases such as MySQL, Oracle etc For configuration instructions - edit sonar.properties to configure the database settings. Just uncomment and configure the template you need and comment out the lines dedicated to H2 database. Installation of SonarQube : https://docs.sonarqube.org/latest/setup/get-started-2-minutes/ Unzip and got to Windows 64 bit bin folder Run in cmd “StartSonar.bat” Open in Browser (Url) : http://localhost:9000 Default Administrator username and password : admin Steps for Test Java & Maven Project : Open The SonarQube Web Create One Sample Project ( Key Name and Project Display Name ) Generate Token - continue Select project language and type - Java , .Net etc | maven or gradle Copy the Command and goto root directory of your project and open cmd Paste the code and hit enter Once build successful, refresh the SonarQube Web Check the result Follow me on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/dkpsoftware Instagram: next_d_paul and LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/debu-paul-2817a5121/ if you like my video, please subscribe to my channel and share the video. @Enjoy Thanks & Regards, Debu paul
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