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2019 Camera Predictions: Sony a7000, Nikon D760, Canon 7D Mark III

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Tactical Toolbox (5 months ago)
Canon 7D MKIII 1:32 Canon EOS RX 3:35 Canon EOS RS 5:00 Canon R Lenses 6:00 Nikon D760 7:53 Nikon Lenses 8:50 Sony A7000 10:42 Sony Lenses 12:52 Sony A7SIII 14:10 Sony A9II 15:19 Fuji X-Pro III 16:41 Fuji Lenses 17.10 Fuji GFX 100 18:05 Olympus EM1X 19:14 Olympus Lenses 20:39 Panasonic S1 & S1R 21:22 Panasonic Lenses 22:18
Junaid Sanjeer (3 months ago)
Sir😍 I am planning to buy Canon rebel T8i/Eos 850d. When it will be coming out
MusicJunky3 (5 months ago)
Cheers mate !
Anonymous Maximus (5 months ago)
The real mvp
SinKi Yang (5 months ago)
u good
B4 Lens (5 months ago)
Joe User (22 days ago)
Chelsea you are so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunderbird1337 (25 days ago)
Sony A7000 APS-Camera in a full-frame body? Come on, that is just ridiculous. That would totally destroy the purpose of their APS-C system. I'm just buying the Axxx series because it's smaller that a A7. If APS-C had the same size as full frame, I would immediately switch to full frame. And no, the sensor of the A6300 was not stabilized.
sanch Sanchayan (1 month ago)
Sony will release a 35 mm 1.8 on the lines of 85 1.8 to replace the 2.8 Zeiss. I feel they will also release a ultra wide prime like a 20 mm f 1.8 or something like that.
Lee Stevens (1 month ago)
I just want the best camera for video, which makes me look good, but with a flippy screen. At the moment I think I'm gonna have to buy the EOS R but I'm waiting because I think maybe something better will come out.
artistjoh (1 month ago)
No mention of the Canon M5 mark ii? Thought to arrive around August. The M5 and M50 are surprisingly popular cameras. If the 7D iii has no fully articulated screen I will be looking at the M5 ii. No articulated screen on the 7D iii will be a big mistake, especially if there is a crop on the 4K. I hope you are right about the A7000. That sounds awesome. Some of us love APSC.
Fritz (1 month ago)
I hope that your predictions for the Sony a7000 come true, except one.  I want Sony to keep the same body size and not stick the a7000 into an a9 body.   Although a larger body would be better for holding larger lenses when shooting sports and wildlife, the smaller footprint of a a6500 body is preferred for portability and discreteness.   I already own the Sony a7 iii and look forward to buying the a7000 to carry in my coat pocket to use for street photography. If the camera body gets bigger, why should I bother buying it?
even grytten (2 months ago)
Nikon went from 5 to 7 fps and from 36mp to 45 mp with the d850. I the d760 is going to have the same 24mp I really do expect them to do better than 7fps.
Adriana Anorve (2 months ago)
I completely agree that "multifunction bar" is disgusting and I hate everything about it. It is in the wrong place and I rather have a joystick. I also hate the way the touch screen works for "moving the focus points around". It might be good for videographers but for photographers no way man. I don't care about how Canon was excited about that bar. It sucks for me. If they do go ahead and build a true professional application body in ML that bar better not be there. Big mistake IMHO.
Atwa Jesper (2 months ago)
Hey Chelsea. Unrelated topic. How do you guys keep your pets from chewing or destroying your equipment??? I'm considering getting a dog again but OMG... LOl
Catherine N Hesselbacher (3 months ago)
I need another camera body really bad. I shoot with the Canon 7d ii which I love for wildlife, and the 7d which I really don't like. Was so hoping the miii would come out right now, but that's what they said last year, so I am almost giving up hope that it will come out this year again.
Candice Watson (3 months ago)
Hi tony on the canon line what’s a go to camera for soccer photography ? My canon mark iv isn’t cutting it. Thanks Candice
WADZ UP (3 months ago)
A7000.......anything...release date?
ekimagem (3 months ago)
Ill be so sick if I buy a Z6 and an Updated 750 is announced later this year. If they could just improve the WiFi experience on a 750 and sprinkle in some 4K Id be fine (and keep the Dual Slots). Love the Z6 but Nikon doesnt want 3rd parties making Z Mount lenses so F Mount is the way to go for now.
Saladin Gucman (3 months ago)
Fintan McTiernan (3 months ago)
You both should try Wall Street. Speculation, speculation, speculation, year after year. Do ye ever get tired of it ?
Fintan McTiernan (3 months ago)
I have used the EOS R for Sports and Wildlife and it simply works.
Mike Barber (3 months ago)
Fuji 16-55mm F1.8...LoL.
Josue Acosta (3 months ago)
I'm PATIENTLY waiting for the a7000, really hoping they announce something at CP+
Junaid Sanjeer (3 months ago)
Sir😍 I am planning to buy upcoming Canon rebel T8i/Eos 850d . When it will be coming out?
Fred Latchaw (4 months ago)
I just want a sub- $1k RF 50mm f1.4.
Joe Bloggs (4 months ago)
Whats do you think of the FZ2500 for wildlife photography?
Andrew Farrell (4 months ago)
That's it, I'm done. I'm officially " Vealed" on camera gear reviews and the like. I'll just stick with what I have and concentrate on the creative side of photography. I'm going to throw energy and enthusiasum at my photography instead of dollars toward more and more gear. Enough is enough. Whew !
Matrick Galius (4 months ago)
Chelly, does he do it properly? Mmmmm
VFL (4 months ago)
DSLR is a dead system. It'll take a while to die off, but mirrorless is the future.
TechPond (4 months ago)
A7s3 4:2:2 not a good thing , 4:4:4 is the real deal for green footage !
Mike Cunningham (4 months ago)
Why no 24-50mm f1.8 or 35-50mm f1.8?
Junaid Sanjeer (4 months ago)
What about Canon rebel t8i or 850d
Sudarshan Kalwale (4 months ago)
D750 has wifi
Daniel Martin (4 months ago)
What happened to the audio? Did you guys switch to a different brand of mics?
Tony & Chelsea Northrup (4 months ago)
Yeah, we switched mics. This was recorded before the switch.
Ben Munro (4 months ago)
Hi Tony & Chelsea, thanks for the predictions! What camera did you use to film this video?
DeusExAstra (4 months ago)
Still think there will be an A9II, seeing as how there will be a major software update to the existing one? If I was Sony I'd wait for the mark II until they can put even better tech in it. Why not, the current latest cameras from Nikon and Canon cant compete with it especially with the new features.
Bikash Lakra (4 months ago)
If phone can be becoming full touch screen why not dslr be full touch screen, do we really need dial and switches this century?? Better camera company should allow smartphone to attach on dslr physically and with better software from Google play Drones are operated by smartphone why not dslr at lest camera battery will last long..
Juan Carlos Lopez (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video! I would be nice to have something on Pentax. They are also excellent underrated cameras.
Kizz Lizz (4 months ago)
All I want is canon 1dx mark 3.
cbrusharmy (4 months ago)
Dear Canon, I need this proposed 7D mk III (or better); I will not buy the mk II. Wildlife and sports.
Mike Pulido (4 months ago)
What do you think about the a9 mark ll , is it coming out this year
Nerte (4 months ago)
There's going to be announced, VERY SOON, cheap low-end version of EOS R. Just saying...
Malfino Croce (5 months ago)
Tony is a great tech geek, but a very bad prophet. Your predictions are of no real value. Focus on what is on the market. Neither Canon nor other camera makers will ever reveal their strategies to you. As the clever guy you are, you certainly know upon what startegies companies make teir decisions. And they wont change their strategies just to please your silly whishes and give you the toys you are crying for like a baby.
Mr. Reanu Keeves (5 months ago)
LOL Sony a6400.
Tom Gallant (5 months ago)
What ever happened to the Canon 200-600mm that was patented in 2015. I was waiting for this lens.
Chris RH (5 months ago)
OMG so many sponsor breaks!!
Punk Rachmaninoff (5 months ago)
getting those his and hers golf wardrobes together, kids? if i might be so bold - if it were me i would recommend my friend bill murray's clothing fashioned specifically for the sport. it's important to look sharp on the links down under with that a7000 and the new f2.8 zoom...
Hardline.dk (5 months ago)
Happy new year you two. Hope you're already better. No love for a potential Panasonic G90/G95? I feel like the G80/G85 is so old.
Shawn Bissonette (5 months ago)
Sony is gonna launch with HDR
Shawn Bissonette (5 months ago)
Canon better step up....Sony overtaking quickly
Shawn Bissonette (5 months ago)
Sony > Canon
Steve TQP (5 months ago)
Greetings, Tony and Chelsea! Very interesting video as always! As a Fujifilm X-T3 landscape and product photographer, I am extremely pleased with the image quality I get from this camera, combined with the stellar, sharp Fujinon XF optics. However, I am researching a small, light "travel camera", as I don't want to expose my X-T3 system to the vagaries of landscape photography in a beach/ocean setting. For that very limited, occasional use, I was considering such cameras as the Canon G5X, Panasonic Lumix LX100 II, or Sony RX100 Mark III. My MAIN criteria are image SHARPNESS and detail retention, and ability to retain such detail when possibly printed to 20x24". Plus, I'd like to keep total budget to under $1000. And, FYI, I'm a 100% stills guy, so don't shoot video. Based on this, which system would you recommend for maximum sharpness/compact form factor? Thank you!
Kevin Johnson (5 months ago)
It's hard for me to imagine Canon not expanding the application of the flippy screen. As a still photographer, I don't use mine a great deal, but when I do, I really, really like it.
Axel Berglund (5 months ago)
Hi photo and camera experts! D750 has WiFi. Also, it already has dual SD. How can you not know this about one of the most popular cameras in the world?
David Fontanari (5 months ago)
Nice video, really nice. I would have spent some words also for Ricoh GR mk III. Soon! :-)
PERTHXOTIX (5 months ago)
For a fact I know that Sony has confirmed to me and others that the A7SIII will not be coming so soon as they want focus on APSC. Same with the A9 II
NikoliZZer (5 months ago)
RIP Pentax. JK, no one cares.
Erik (5 months ago)
If the Panasonic is anything like the G9 It'll be an absolute beast. But that requires buying into a while new ecosystem which would be costly. From comparing my X-H1 to X-T2 I feel a need to have IBIS in all my future camera bodies. Its 2019. No real reason cameras shouldn't have it.
Elvin Lewis (5 months ago)
You know what would be cool? Your, perfect camera, each of you. Size, mp's features, body etc. And then you should have someone make it your "signature" model. lol. It would be kinda cool. Describe it to us. And hey, when are they ever...going to give us fully articulating touch screens on the flagships? I think Canon does, but I want it on Nikon....starting to defect back to Sony?..I don't know, but have been taking a very hard look at a7riii. a9 is out of the question. I watched your comparison, and the D850 (vs a7riii) looked enormous. I was like wow, ok..maybe I can learn the really confounding Sony menus? I do have the a6000 still, which you'd think never existed, as it started it all, but has vanished into oblivion.
Frank (5 months ago)
D750 has built in WIFI BTW. :-)
theUKtoday (5 months ago)
what I always find so annoying is how photographers consider the latest all singing and dancing camera becomes MUST be the de rigueur choice for "pros" and suddenly last years model becomes a prosumer camera. What do so called pro's do? Spend $20k a year on the latest must have camera so other photographers are impressed or do agencies refuse to accept images if taken on last years camera models?
B4 Lens (5 months ago)
Tony & Chelsea Northrup (5 months ago)
What is a ponce in British slang? Noun. ponce (plural ponces) (Britain, slang) A man employed by a prostitute to find clients, and who may also act as a bodyguard and driver. A ponce is different from a pimp in being the prostitute's employee, not the employer.
Desi Valdez (5 months ago)
One light portrait
fox vernon (5 months ago)
Just when you think 2019 predictions are pretty good, Nikon throws you a curveball - Eye-AF / ProRes raw and no more buffer with an update to SD Express yay!
Tony & Chelsea Northrup (5 months ago)
Yeah this was big news! I'm excited to actually test it...
ActionPhotoPassion (5 months ago)
Hi Tony thx for sharing your inputs. I would love your predictions concerning the Pana S1R price to be true, but it's a topic we are discussing on DPR forum since more than 2 weeks now and it seems to be that the price tag of S1R would lean above the 4K usd mark... I am a bit upset about this but knowing the lenses behind and especially the possibility to put Leica lenses on it, it's not so surprising actually. Spring is coming... Not fast enough though.
국뽕에빠지다 (5 months ago)
Can not the a7000 support 4K/60p/10bit?
Pauline Follett (5 months ago)
That was some exciting predictions. I was most interested in the Canon 7D Mark III, as I have the Mark II, and I love it.
David Norton (5 months ago)
Most people are now just using their high level phones and getting better results than their slr's ever gave them. Only things the phones suck at is telephoto. a 65 x Canon or Nikon 900 / 1000 are the go to all in one zooms that fill that gap.
Jordan Godley (5 months ago)
What about the Nikon D6?
Azathoth (5 months ago)
D500 a higher frame rate than the 7dmk2? 7dkmk2 doesn't have dual pixel AF? WtF is this guy smoking?
LokkieF (5 months ago)
There is only one thing that we really want for 2019 and that is more battery capacity. But I guess that isn't sexy enough...
Moss One Photography (5 months ago)
Tony The D750 Does Have WiFi
Hakeem Ji (5 months ago)
Tony seriously!!! I was watching you talking about FF equivalent lenses for Fuji APSC, and I got absorbed .. I thought maybe, he must have got some insider news etc.. and then you said the same BS for Oly m4/3 lenses. FF equivalence is not possible, in tiny sensor world mate. On one hand, it defies the purpose of making smaller camera bodies, and their niche category for travel, sports photographers, on the other hand the lens sizes will got massive, it will explode everything around it, would be much bigger than FF lenses. Please do study what it involves, other wise everyone will be building brighter fullframe lenses for 1 inch and smaller lenses! :)
Hakeem Ji (5 months ago)
@Tony & Chelsea Northrup Yes mate, I am also using the same lens on GH5 with MB-SB XL (Canon ver) for irix 15mm f/2.4 and sigma 18-35 f/1.8, also zhongyi lens turbo (Nikon ver) for some older AIS lenses. But, having that expensive tele-compressor in each lens is not feasible. Also you may do it for ultra-wide lenses, but on telephoto lenses the impact will be actually negative, you might get some extra light but the objective there is to increase focal length not reduce. You will end up making even bigger lenses for smaller reach, and they will cost more too. Some third party lens + adaptor maker (Mitakon) already made some prime lenses (35, 50mm at f/0.95) with these combination for both m4/3 or APSC for a long time but they are not very popular, and no big brand lens manufacturer followed that path for ages. Meta-bones are already available for roughly 6 years now! Anyways I will take this prediction as a new year wish! Best wishes!
Tony & Chelsea Northrup (5 months ago)
It's definitely possible... we do it all the time with the GH5, a speedbooster, and the Sigma f/1.8 zooms. In fact, the combination is faster than a traditional f/2.8 FF zoom, with f/2.2 equivalence. It works great, and I wish they would just build the speedbooster into lenses. I'm predicting we'll see those lenses because that's the trend - The last two lenses Fuji announced were FF equivalent, and the recent MFT lenses have been much faster than previous - almost FF equivalent.
Belgian Tex (5 months ago)
Anybody thought about an updated D500 ? D510 or D550 ? Why ? After the release of the D7500, there's not a huge difference anymore with the D500, with the exception of focusing points and fps. Sure there's the dual memory slot discussion, but for amateurs using an APS-C, that's not the biggest drawback of the D7500. So why not release a D550 with a higher mexapixel count ? Perhaps not quite the 36 or 46 of the D8xx series, but Sony does have a 32 MP APS-C (Tony even mentioned it in the video). So why not put that in the D500 body, keep the focusing system, frame rate, etc and put in a higher MP. I do realize keeping the frame rate the same at a higher MP is a challenge, but it's perhaps possible. Or perhaps I'm just wishful thinking......
Vishal Mohandas (5 months ago)
A6300 is not stabilised.
Jason Lee (5 months ago)
I was going to purchase a 1DX I may just have to wait for the 7D MkIII
RugbyLock0914 (5 months ago)
Fuji has a roadmap that they've stuck to pretty well. Hope some of Tony's predictions are true and that I'm wrong but I doubt it.
tablameister (5 months ago)
Olympus already has their f1.2 pro series of lenses in 17, 25 and 45mm. I would expect a 12mm and a 50mm at f1.2 (NOT f0.9). Similarly, I think a 35-100 f2.0 (not 1.4) is very realistic because Olympus offered a 35-100 f2 zoom for four thirds, so they just have to tweak the optical formula for micro 4/3. Similarly, a 14-35 f2 is also likely given that Olympus had such a zoom for four thirds. It would be nice if they could do 12-35 f2.
GoneFishingStories (5 months ago)
Did you see that Nikon announced during CES that they are making firmware updates to the Z-series... That includes EYE-AF, RAW video output and hopefully some overall better AF for sports and low light... The 2 last ones are just my wishes... :)
Kiril Karaatanasov (5 months ago)
Could the Olympus M1X be full frame? Given what Panasonic did and the 3000$ price tag it would not be surprise.....
MR. BUCK MAN (5 months ago)
where are the sony cameras in CES 2019??? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sergio DuBois (5 months ago)
Idea for topic: "How much resolution (4K, 8K, ...) will be enough?" There seems to be a camp thinking that more is better, without limit, and yet I wonder if you would take a stand on companies focusing on performance enhancing some fixed resolution limit (8K?) instead of endlessly chasing the dragon of doubling the resolution again and again. I am not saying displays and computers can't keep catching up, but to what end? Is there a point at which consumers should rightfully gag and say enough is enough.
Sergio DuBois (5 months ago)
While I am not so self-centered as to imagine you would credit my suggestion, considering your very next podcast was based on this comment, you would think you might have at least given the comment a “like”. You’re welcome.
Obi-Wan Kenobi (5 months ago)
OMG..the Doggie 😍
Ern Reeders (5 months ago)
Nikon for heaven's sake has a successful APS-C body for sports & wildlife in the D500 and no DX lens over 300mm. Does Nikon like alienating us D500ers by forcing us to the size and expense of FX super-tele?
Chloe Scanlon (5 months ago)
12:44 The a6300 does not have a stabilised sensor.
Anton Markin (5 months ago)
Forgot Fuji X-H2: similar to xt3 but with IBIS and new batteries
marty sender (5 months ago)
CES...you guys in Vegas? saw Panasonic presentation. wow they are so mysterious about specs on SR -- big reveal an HLG mode, 8 images into one (Olympus did that already with HDR), and a high contrast mode (big deal, can do that in Lightroom in 2 secs). So still no word on details.....except they begin selling the cameras, and I guess 3 native lenses, end of March 2019. why are they so mysterious? at CES???? and yes they said "advanced" contract detection AF. huh? what is that? nothing on how 4k and FF will work, part sensor, all sensor, etc. YOU GUYS THERE? Give us the lowdown please? or the lowdown. whatever. Marty of Marty Sender YouTube.
Gordon Lamb (5 months ago)
I'd really, really love to see another lower megapixel (ie. 16MP) m43 body with stabilization and dual native ISO, but equally photo and video oriented. Something like the GH5s, but sized like the g85, with IBIS and online photo shooters in mind.
G-Force (5 months ago)
Yeah, nobody likes the MFn bar.
4xoverland (5 months ago)
My favourite photo channel.
dcarroll175 (5 months ago)
I just picked up a Canon 5D Mark II because it was only $600 and they have nothing in mirrorless worth it yet. This was a stop gap buy as I needed something for my kids wrestling tournaments. I agree Canon needs to come up huge in 2019.
Fun Times with Dave (5 months ago)
Tony and Chelsea love to check out your videos. Not only the information presented but also the fun vibe :)
Mibivad (5 months ago)
30 FPS? Might as well just film at that point.
Yuranid Euht (5 months ago)
Two predictions for *2019*: (1): A *LOT* of people will 'upgrade' their h/w and .... (2): Their images will *still* suck .... #It'sNotTheCamerasFault That is all, class dismissed
Adrian Foster (5 months ago)
Canon 7D3 - not more pixels, please? The 7D3 must beat the D500 in every respect or Canon can go home in this area. It needs better quality pixels - not more, noisy ones.
Michael Reif (5 months ago)
Canon needs IBIS. I have an EOS R but that will be my last mirrorless camera I will be purchasing from Canon without IBIS. If Sony comes out with an EOS R like camera with IBIS and their sensor maybe I will switch again.
A1 M1 (5 months ago)
Hi Tony, you wish 15 fps mechanical for the Sony A9 because of avoiding banding. What about a global shutter. World it avoid banding?
epiphoney (5 months ago)
Wait does Sony have full frame equivalent fast apsc lenses already? A full frame equiv micro 4/3 lens would still be half as short, right, just a larger opening.
Benton Brightwell (5 months ago)
Canon is currently testing IBIS according to CR so I expect to see IBIS in the eos Rx
Benoit Levesque (5 months ago)
I totally Agree with Tony on the multifunction bar!! Its going down the shitter 100%
Muataz Alshammari (5 months ago)
Panasonic will kill it this year.
Sanchez Imagery (5 months ago)
Chelsea reminds me of “Dr. Evil” with pixel in her lap like that 😂 love y’all content tho 🙌🏽
Andrew C (5 months ago)
Fuji 1.8 lenses in zoom? Nah, I can't see that happening.
Dennis Smeltzer (5 months ago)
Chelsea, you sounded OK. But Tony! I was reaching for tissues just listening to you! Can you catch a cold over the computer!

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